Updated: Myles Turner pulls haircut prank

UPDATED: Myles Turner still has the dreads. Consider us pranked. Though he didn’t fool everyone as included in the original article below.

Myles Turner has sported the same hair style for the entirety of his career with the Indiana Pacers. Until today.

Turner’s former hair style origin story came during some downtime in Orlando during Summer League his rookie season.

“I just wanted to try something different,” said Turner told ESPN during his first season with the Pacers. “For now, this is it. I feel like it makes me stand out and keeps it fresh.”

He seemed a little bummed out about the haircut telling a fan on Twitter that it “had to be done.”

His old hairstyle used to stick straight up but it’s been too long to stand up like it originally did for last couple of seasons.

Turner’s original look from the Orlando Summer League. (Fernando Medina/NBAE/Getty Images)

Some have suggested that he may have just pulled the hair back and it’s still the same look. You can see something similar to his (maybe not) former look sticking up in the first picture, so it’s possible this isn’t as big of a change as Turner has made it appear.

Turner changed his body with a fantastic summer with an intense workout routine that included yoga and he’s had a successful start to the season showing improved form on defense and more patience on his post moves. While he’s averaging 11.7 points and 6.7 rebounds and 2 blocks this season, none of the Pacers games have been close so he’s been limited to only 24 minutes per game.


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