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Editor-in-Chief: Derek Kramer

My primary goal when I started in July 2015 was to provide informed, concise, creative content in all things pertaining to the Indiana Pacers, striving to be more than simple clickbait and to give readers a reason to want to come back.

I graduated from Anderson University in 2011 with a degree in Journalism, and I’ve loved the Pacers since I was six years old watching Reggie Miller battle the New York Knicks in the playoffs. During the day, I teach 5th-graders how to do 5th-grade things. In the night, I watch, tweet, and write about the Indiana Pacers. I also have a strange resemblance to Italian shooting guard Marco Belinelli.

Twitter: @iPacersblog; Facebook: iPacers


Guest Contributors:

Ross Blauvelt: Ross, a member of the Myles Turner fan section “Turner’s Block,” brings his perspective from the loudest, craziest bunch of fans in the fieldhouse to in his series Tales from the Block. Ross is also one of the hosts of The Corner 3 Show, a podcast dedicated to the Pacers and rest of the NBA.

Twitter: @TheCorner3Ross

Joe Betz:  Professor Joe Betz is the resident Optimist at iPacers. Joe is always looking on the bright side, finding hope and positivity in his weekly column A Weekly Dose of Pacers Positivity. 

Twitter: @Joe_Betz_ is not affiliated with the Indiana Pacers or its organization in any way.

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