You won’t believe this Paul George trade rumor

The latest rumor about Paul George is insane. You won’t believe it…

Because it’s complete nonsense and never going to happen. Why did you even click on this?


This has been your lesson in Paul George is not getting traded; please don’t fall for the clickbait of links that try to say otherwise. There is no credible rumor here or anywhere. He’s staying in Indy. He has another two years before he can opt out of his current contract.

If you want to read some actual Paul George news, there’s stories on PG’s video game cover, some new commercials, and his selections to All-NBA and All-Defense teams at He’s also the face of Jeep’s Summer ad campaign and just hosted a celebrity softball game with Robert Mathis. He’s also planning to play on the Olympic team in Rio.

I’ve been seeing too many of these clickbait/nonsense about Paul George getting traded to the Lakers or Celtics or whoever else in the past couple of weeks and posted this in my frustration. Sorry for betraying your trust to those of you who clicked on it. Please, don’t click or share when you see these type of rumors that have no basis in reality.

Ignore them.

Speaking of things that’ll never happen but it’s fun to dream about this one, PG’s on board with #KevINDYrant:

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