The NBA is rigged? Stephen Jackson and Metta World Peace have something to say about that

If you watched game six of the NBA Finals last night and enjoy basketball Twitter, you probably saw Ayesha Curry’s tweet that got over 80,000 RTs and 70,000 likes before she finally deleted it. In her frustration during what apparently was a difficult night (besides just the game), she tweeted out that the “NBA is rigged!” in response to her husband fouling out. Today, the infamous duo of the Malice at the Palice, Metta World Peace, the player formerly known as Ron Artest, and Stephen Jackson, were the voices of reason on the subject. Seriously.


Warning: Both videos contain vulgar language. 


Essentially, there message is that the NBA is not rigged. That is nonsense. Yes, refs are sometimes absolutely terrible, but players still ultimately decide games.

Myles Turner agrees:


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