Pacers acquire Thaddeus Young for 1st-round pick

Update: Trade is now official on July 7, 2016.

You might want to take shelter if you’re in the Indianapolis area. Woj Bombs have been spotted twice in the last two days: first, the Pacers swap hometown heroes (analysis here), and today the Pacers have acquired Thaddeus Young from the Brooklyn Nets.

The Pacers give up their 20th pick in this year’s draft and a future 2nd-round pick. Thad Young will slide immediately into the Pacers starting lineup at the power forward position. 

The Pacers will still have plenty of cap room to either resign Jeff Teague to a new deal or pursue one more good free agent. Who knows the Pacers might not be done trading? They could look to move Rodney Stuckey or Monta Ellis on draft night.

Thaddeus Young averaged 15 points and 9 rebounds last year with a 17.5 PER for the Nets.

While the trade won’t be official due to cap reasons until July 1 (same with Teague/Hill deal), Young has already posted about the trade to the Pacers.

If you want to get excited about the acquisition, just search for Thad Young or Thaddeus Young on Twitter. You’ll find posterizations and smothered chickens all around. 

The biggest plus to this trade for the Pacers is that they were not going to get as good of a player as Young in this draft at the 20 spot. Anybody the Pacers were likely to get will probably need a year or two before they are ready to contribute and likely won’t be much more than role players. While this draft was deep, it was deep in role guys, not starters.

Young will immediately become the Pacers best power forward by far. An athletic, long big that runs the floor, plays hard with energy, and will probably be the Pacers best rebounder next year. Another player that will be ideal for the Pacers and Larry Bird’s quest to be a fast-paced, running team.

While Young shoots threes, it’s not something you want him doing too often. He averages 32% from deep in his career and was all the way down to 22% last season. He can do the dirty work down low and make major wow plays while challenging shots at the rim.

Young is a 9-year veteran, but will only be 28 in his 10th season and first with the Pacers. Young hasn’t been on a winning team in a long time, but consistently had a positive net rating on those solid Sixers teams before the Hinkie tank fest. 

His contract situation is great for the new cap world. Young will be making around $13.5 million for each of the next three years after just finishing the first year of his 4 year, $54 million deal he signed last summer.

While the Pacers will miss that cheap contract that comes with a first-round pick, this is a clear win for the Pacers who get an instant starter with a team-friendly contract for the next 2-3 years. Pacers fans will love Young’s hustle and highlight reel plays.


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