ESPN reports Pacers, Kings have discussed Rudy Gay deal

Yesterday, there were some rumblings from unreliable sources and today Marc Stein of ESPN has reported that the Pacers and Kings have discussed a potential deal that would send Rudy Gay to the Pacers.

The Kings reportedly are interested in Monta Ellis, who they wanted badly last off-season before the Pacers signed him, while the Pacers would prefer to trade away Rodney Stuckey. Stein reports that Gay along with Greg Monroe of the Milwaukee Bucks are on the trade block and their teams are actively seeking deals for them.

Rudy Gay, who averaged 17.2 points and 6.5 rebounds last season, currently has one year remaining on his contract at $13 million and then a player option for the next season. Monta Ellis (4 years, $44 million) and Rodney Stuckey (3 years, $21 million) both just finished the first year of their current contracts and have multiple seasons remaining. No word on any other players or picks to potentially be involved in the deal.

This would be yet another huge transcation for the Pacers if they made the deal happen. Already acquiring Jeff Teague and Thaddeus Young via trade (We never heard rumors about these deals before they happened) and signing Al Jefferson as their backup center. If Gay comes to the squad, the Pacers will likely look something like this:

  • PG – Jeff Teague
  • SG – Paul George
  • SF – Rudy Gay
  • PF – Thaddeus Young
  • C – Myles Turner
  • Ellis or Stuckey
  • Al Jefferson

The starting lineup with Gay would make the Pacers incredibly long in those 2 -4 positions. They’d be able to switch between them whenever facing a small-ball lineup. It’s an intriguing possibility. We’ll have to see what the Pacers and Kings decide to do or not do here.

Meanwhile, Sam Amick reports that the Kings don’t have interest in either Stuckey or Ellis.

Maybe, they’re looking for a sign-and-trade with Mahinmi, since they’re clearly lacking bigs. (Joking.)

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