Myles Turner impressive during USA scrimmages

Myles Turner seems poised for a huge second season with Larry Bird complimenting his progress and new teammate Al Jefferson as a mentor, and now he’s showing off his improvement while scrimmaging against the Olympic roster for USA with the Select Team.

Yesterday, he blocked his own teammate Paul George on a drive to the rim. George even gives his teammate a little pat to say nice job after the play.

“I think just getting the invite alone is something that automatically comes with your game elevating,” George said last month. “You take that as he’s one of the best young prospects coming up. He’s only going to get better.”

George’s words before the event seem to be true already. Today, Marc Spears of ESPN and Ethan Strauss both commented on his superb play in the scrimmage.

Turner was noted with a stuff of DeMarcus Cousins (already a member of the Myles High Club) and then hitting a three at the other end by Strauss. 

Turner adding a little extra range to his shot would be huge for spacing in the offense and more importantly the block coming on a post up against one of the toughest players to guard down low is a very encouraging sign for his post defense next year.

Spears said Turner was playing like he should be on the Olympic team and not just the Select Team.

Turner’s clearly taking advantage of his opportunity to play against some of the best talent in the NBA. He was very excited for the chance to improve before the camp started.

“I approach each day with a different goal in mind,” said Turner of his offseason to the Indy Star. “What can I get accomplished that day, and I don’t leave until I get the goal accomplished. I’m very focused and dedicated to where I want to go and where I want to be one day.”

George told the Indy Star that he believes that Turner’s work ethic and desire to improve will lead to future All Star appearances and noted his efforts to improve his body and movement.

The sky’s the limit for Turner with his tireless work ethic and an already large amount of talent. Pacers fans can look  forward to many more players becoming members of the Myles High Club through the years.

4 thoughts on “Myles Turner impressive during USA scrimmages”

  1. I love hearing more and more good things about Turner. He just might be ( I don’t want to see one ) an injury away from joining the Olympic team. One wing player away ( Bring Rudy Gay to town ) and the Pacers are going to be hard to beat this year.


  2. In the USA bball pics I’ve seen, he already looks bigger and more muscular than he did this past season. Great improvement and needed for the post game. Love this guy, his ethic, and demeanor. A great addition to the pacers.

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