Rumor: Pacers trying to trade for Brook Lopez

Amidst all the DeMarcus Cousins craziness last night, another trade rumor popped up on Pacers fans timelines.

The rumored trade from Vecsey is that the Pacers would deal away their recently acquired Al Jefferson, the oft-injured Rodney Stuckey, and their first-round pick that they’ve been shopping around to the Brooklyn Nets for Brook Lopez.


The Pelicans were also in the running according to Vecsey, but it seems they will probably be out now that they’ve acquired Cousins. The Celtics are also interested.

Lopez wouldn’t cure everything for the Pacers, but he’s certainly a better player than Jefferson and would help the team’s rebounding and defense. It would also give the Pacers two centers that can stretch the court and shoot threes.

The real question would be how would Nate McMillan adjust the Pacers rotation if they were able to acquire Lopez. Does Lopez start with Myles Turner, who moves to the power forward spot like he often played last season alongside Ian Mahinmi? Does Lopez come off the bench as Thaddeus Young continues to start?

Or do the Pacers go with a super big lineup of Jeff Teague, Paul George, Thaddeus Young, Myles Turner, and Brook Lopez? This lineup is interesting on offense since they have so much size, but every player can also stretch the floor. Defense would be the concern here, but that’s already a major concern with the current Pacers.

If the Nets were more interested in Monta Ellis, the Pacers could also put him in the deal instead of Stuckey and it still works salary wise, though this seems unlikely that the Nets would rather have his more expensive and longer contract. The Pacers might be able to talk the Nets into throwing in a younger prospect like Sean Kilpatrick as it would still be a successful trade, but that may be hoping for too much.

This would be the second year in a row that the Nets would have the Pacers first-round pick in the draft if the deal goes through after the Pacers acquired Young before the draft from the Nets this summer for the 20th overall pick that ended up being Caris LeVert.

Of course, if the Nets were super interested in the deal, it may have already happened by now. We’ll have to wait and see if Larry Bird can find a trade partner before the trade deadline ends to get the Pacers going into the right direction coming out of the All-Star break.

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