Two-Minute (Two-Ahh) Quick-Cap: Pacers vs. Bucks


The game began the way a large truck might begin down a long and dark country road, steadily gaining speed, and instead of braking when seeing the buck lift its head, continuing its pace. The Pacers held a 16-5 lead halfway through the first quarter and were in control despite an early exit by Thad with two fouls.

Slowly, the Bucks dusted themselves off and cut the lead to five to end the half, thanks largely to Pacers sloppiness and cold shooting by Teague, Ellis, and Stuckey (combined 3-12 with 7 turnovers).The five point lead soon evaporated and the Bucks entered the fourth up six, outscoring the Pacers 29-18.

The game ended the way some videos of deer collisions end—with the animal kicking the good graces out of the driver.  The biggest plays were those the Pacers did not make: mostly good looks from 3, where after making their first two, missed their next 14. Pacers lose: 85-99

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