Two-Minute (Two-Ahh) Quick Cap: Pacers vs. Heat

The Pacers managed to hold on for the win against the Miami Heat after a brief scare in the fourth quarter by a final of 102-98.

After the Pacers had a comfortable 6-9 point lead for most of the game, the Heat suddenly hit three straight 3-pointers, including one of the banked-in variety, and took a 1-point lead.

Banker’s Life let out a collective sigh like they’ve seen this story all before, and McMillan called timeout. The Pacers immediately retook control with a Paul George bucket to get the lead back and Myles Turner pushed the lead back to five points a few possessions later with a dunk after fighting for two straight offensive rebounds.

Paul George continued his hot play of late with 28 points and 10 rebounds to lead the Pacers. Hassan Whiteside had a monstrous 26 points and 21 rebounds, but late in the game Jeff Teague swatted his shot attempt after an offensive rebound that helped the Pacers keep their lead. 

Goran Dragic was out with a missing eye, and the Pacers won an important game that could have dropped them from 6th to 9th in the current playoff standings. 

The Pacers honored their 2000s teams with Jermaine O’Neal, Al Harrington, Jeff Foster, Austin Croshere, Derrick McKey, and Eddie Gill in attendance. Bobblehead honoree Danny Granger was unable to attend due to broadcast commitments.

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