Two-Minute (Two-Ahh) Quick-Cap: Pacers beat the Sixers, get closer to clinching playoff spot

The Pacers took care of business against the Sixers as they won by a final score of 120-111.

Paul George led the team in scoring with 27 as he continues to make the game look easy.

The Pacers were not playing games early. There was no (terrible-no-good-pun-alert) love for Philadelphia tonight, as Paul George nearly outscored the 76ers by himself in the first quarter with 17 to their 20. Pacers were rolling and up 15.

In the second, the bench needed to keep attacking. They did, and when a shot was missed, Allen and Seraphin gobbled offensive rebounds. The lead extended to 21. Quick shout to former Mad Ant Alex Poythress who hit two 3s for Philadelphia in the quarter (five in the game). Every NBA team has good players, so a run by the 76ers capitalizing on some sloppy play cut the Pacers lead to 9.  It became a game again. At halftime the Pacers led by 10.

10 quickly became five due to an ugly third quarter start. Three turnovers (two by Ellis) had Pacers Twitter in a tizzy. Remember what I said about not playing games? The Pacers responded (tizzy reduced), ending the quarter up 11 thanks to season-best performance by Kevin Seraphin with 17 points on the night and sharp team passing.

In the fourth, Nate rode the bench, playing Allen, Seraphin, CJ, Brooks, and Lance. It was a unit that could score and get rebounds, but not one that could stop much on defense. The 76ers took advantage and made it to the line with ease. With 9:15 to go, they were already in the penalty. Still, the Pacers just needed to tread water, and they did.

As the starters trickled back in, things settled. Philadelphia trapped, scrapped, and hustled (also hit a banked 3), but the Pacers made the right play more times than not and kept the 76ers at arms’ length. Huge games for Thad and Myles and **SPICE ALERT**

Gerald Henderson (literally) pulled Paul George into a feud. I was putting the final touches on that last paragraph when Henderson tried to take some teeth with an elbow to the face. PG had put an elbow in his back the play before, which was somehow reviewable? Garbage.


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