Christmas is over in Indiana: Pacers waive Rakeem Christmas

Scott Agness of Vigilant Sports reported that the Pacers plan to waive Rakeem Christmas before the end of the day. 

Christmas had a contract that would have become fully guaranteed on the first of August. He became expendable as the Pacers amassed numerous bigs on their roster through draft and through trade.

The Pacers waiving of Christmas ends their longest transaction tree that was still going as you can trace the Pacers acquiring Christmas all the way back to when they drafted Dale Davis. Jermaine O’Neal and Roy Hibbert are also in this transaction tree.

He’s been playing for the Pacers in Summer League this week but has been unable to stay on the court much due to a sprained ankle. 

Christmas played well for a brief stretch in February showing he could have value as an energy guy off the bench that rebounds and sets screens. He was heavily foul prone, however, and the Pacers decided to play Al Jefferson or Kevin Seraphin for the rest of the season as the backup center.

This is the second cap-saving move in two days as the Pacers waived Monta Ellis yesterday and will use the stretch provision to spread out the remaining $11.2 million on his deal over five seasons.

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