Victor Oladipo sings duet with Charles Barkley, talks Pacers on NBA on TNT

Victor Oladipo appeared on the NBA on TNT show as an analyst in place of Kenny Smith last night during the pre-game, halftime and post-game shows.

Oladipo discussed his breakout season with Indiana, the Pacers series with the Cavs, the Rockets/Warriors looming showdown (Dipo says Warriors in 7) and, in perhaps the most entertaining part of the night, sang a duet with Charles Barkley. The song choice was Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.”

Oladipo’s singing abilities are well known as he released an album last summer and could always be heard singing in the Pacers locker room after games while others were still being interviewed.

Barkley, on the other hand, sings about as well as you would expect him to. His golf game is better than his singing.

Neither person appeared to know all the words to the song, so Oladipo decided to save the day by busting out some Michael Jackson dance moves.

Oladipo said “the wound is still fresh” in regards to the series against Cleveland and you can see that it’s not something he’s over yet while he talks about it here.

He took over the big board analysis that Kenny Smith usually does during halftime and talked about how James Harden has the skill of selling the foul.

“When I get touched, when I flare, I don’t get a foul call,” Oladipo said while talking about Harden’s ability to get the whistle.

While talking about his breakout year, Oladipo said that he felt the game slow down “December of last year” and that the “Pacers gave me the ball and let me rock out.”

On getting traded twice, Oladipo said it was difficult but he’s glad it happened.

You can find more clips from Oladipo’s time on the NBA on TNT on their Twitter feed.


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