Pacers Victor Oladipo wants to start a campaign to be in Space Jam 2

Indiana Pacers star guard Victor Oladipo wants to be in the Space Jam sequel.

“Yes, let’s start a campaign,” said Oladipo at media day when asked about his desire to be a Monstar in the LeBron James-led Space Jam sequel. “Let’s make this happen. I would be a crazy Monstar. I think that would be pretty dope.”

Oladipo wants a campaign. Let’s give him a campaign.

It may have helped his case if he said one of the four movies he watched every night before going to sleep was Space Jam instead of Home Alone 1 & 2, Shrek or Mulan, but I digress.

The first step to any online campaign has to be the hashtag, so here are some possibilities: 

  • #VicStar
  • #MonstarDipo
  • #PutVicInFlick
  • #SpaceJamAShamWithNoDipo
  • #VictorForMonstar

The hope would be the campaign goes viral like #DonaldForSpiderman way back when the Internet was hoping for Donald Glover to be the web-flinging superhero long before he was getting huge roles in movies. These efforts did eventually lead to Glover voicing a Spider-Man character in an animated series and a small role in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

And Glover, who is a star in so many different formats now, isn’t a bad person to try and emulate for Oladipo, who easily has the best music career of any NBA athlete and has spoken of his desire to be in a Disney movie in the past (while Glover has two more Disney movies on his recent resume since Homecoming in Solo and coming soon The Lion King live-action movie).

Why Victor Oladipo would be a great MonStar

Most of the nerdlucks efforts in the first film focused on power, strength in their targets for stolen talents. The number one thing an Oladipo Monstar would bring on the court is speed. There’s no question his skills would translate well to the animated scene and could be stretched to cartoon-ish levels. Maybe a fastbreak chasedown with the Roadrunner?

Not every player in the original movie was a huge star but Oladipo clearly has enough star power even in a small market. Being part of the Jordan brand can’t hurt either.

His Monstar could also offer comedic relief if his personality comes through with constant singing and relentless positivity. Plenty of potential to use his voice whether making it a running joke with what he’s singing throughout the film or adding a large dance number.

He could also have similar scenes in the movie as himself as to Charles Barkley or the other players in the original film. Maybe Oladipo has a concert planned but he can no longer sing well along with his basketball talents being taken. Plenty of possibilities, screenwriters!

Oladipo hired new representation for the entertainment world by signing with WME, mostly to find new opportunities with his music, but it’s possible they can help get his foot in the door for Hollywood endeavors as well.

Who knows? Perhaps that’s what LeBron was talking to Oladipo about after the playoff series ended.

Other things that I would enjoy being in the new movie: Boban Marjanovic in the Shawn Bradley role, Isaiah Thomas in the Muggsy Bogues role, Michael B. Jordan should be involved somehow as long-time collaborator Ryan Coogler is attached to the project and getting Michael B. Jordan and The Michael Jordan on the same screen would be incredible. B. Jordan could be a candidate for the Bill Murray role though Kevin Hart is probably the most obvious choice, Adam Sandler has a little basketball ability and may be a decent option as well (though it’s hard to really want him in anything these days). Michael Jordan could be the Larry Bird in this one or Magic Johnson. Stan Podolak (Wayne Knight) is a tougher one but TJ Miller or Kevin James if you go the Sandler route are two thoughts that came to mind initially.

I recently discussed the topic on the Locked on Pacers podcast with Tony East of 8 points, 9 seconds. Tony makes a Monstars squad that would be more villainous than the Iceland hockey team from Mighty Ducks 2.

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