Is Victor Oladipo on the Masked Singer?

The burning question that all Pacers fans want to have confirmed this week has nothing to do with setting screens, defensive alignments, or offensive sets. It’s bigger than all of that:

Is All-Star guard Victor Oladipo on the Masked Singer?

Fox’s fairly new reality series pins well-known celebrities up in a singing competition with a twist. Their identities are masked, both literally and figuratively.

In season two’s premiere, a contestant known only as the “Thingamajig” showed off a voice that seems eerily familiar to Pacers fans while singing “Easy (Like Sunday Morning)” and Oladipo has long been known to sing dating back to his days at Indiana University. He has released multiple R&B albums and has sung at numerous NBA events including the 2015 NBA Dunk Contest, 2018 NBA Awards Show and talent contests during All-Star weekend.

But it’s not just the voice that has Pacers fans convinced. In the introduction clue video, the Thingamajig references several items that point towards his identity being the Pacers star: using his trademarked word “feathery”, “setting the pace”, and holding a cupcake with a number 4 candle on top. And it also uses phrases that hint at his time spent with the Orlando Magic and that he’s an All-Star. Even the suit on his costume appears to be mostly blue and gold. The evidence is overwhelming and it’s hard to come up with anyone else that really fits.

He was also not moving around the stage much which could also tip the scale towards Oladipo, considering he’s recovering from a ruptured quad injury. And he’s very tall compared to everyone else on the stage.

The Thingamajig made it through the first week unscathed, defeating the Skeleton in the process. Until he’s unmasked, we can’t be 100 percent sure … but we’re pretty sure.

The best guesses in week one that the judges could come up with were Michael Strahan, Dennis Rodman and Steph Curry. He may be one the judges never crack before he’s eliminated or wins the competition.

Oladipo denied any involvement with the show during the Pacers Media Day this past week but he is likely contractually obligated to not give it away.

In the meantime, here is the performance for you to make a call yourself.


Introduction to the Author:

My name is Jesse Smith and I am new to the iPacers team. I’ve been covering the Pacers for various outlets for the past few seasons and am a lifelong fan. I was born and raised in Indy, but have since relocated to Southern Florida.


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