Choose Your Own Adventure: 2023 Pacers Trade Deadline – 1

Herb Simon Meeting – Option 1

You walk in the office of shopping mall magnate Herb Simon, who is seated at his desk pretending to be busy. As you approach, he stands up to greet you with a firm handshake.

“Kevin, my friend, it’s good to see you,” he says. “Just let me finish this important task and we’ll get started.”

He sits back down and clicks once on his Minesweeper screen, hitting a mine. He closes out the window in frustration. He’s mumbling curse words under his breath and slowly regains his composure.

“Is now a bad time?” you ask.

“Hm? Oh, no, of course not,” Simon replies. “You know I always have time for updates about my little team. How’s everything going?”

You tell Herb the path you’re planning to take with the trade deadline approaching.

“Well I must say I am excited to be going for as many wins as possible. I am an old man after all and I know we thought this was going to take a few years but I think getting back into the playoffs is a worthwhile goal and is just what this team needs.”

You thank Herb for his time and leave his office. As you walk away, Herb re-opens Minesweeper and says to himself, “Alright, Herbie, let’s be more careful this time.”Continue here.

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