CYOA – 2.1.4 Patrick Williams

Patrick Williams – Negotiations

“KP, what’s up?” Arturas Karnisovas says when he answers the phone. “Great game the other night.”

“It was a battle. Been a struggle lately, I wanted to ask about Patrick Williams. Are you listening to offers on him?”

“You’re really trying to get the entire 2020 draft lottery, huh? We’ll listen on anyone at this point. While we’d like to keep pushing to be competitive, we’re open to all paths if the trade is right.”

“How does the Celtics pick this year sound?”

“The last pick in the first for a guy we took 4th two years ago…”

“Alright, alright. We have to start somewhere. What are you thinking?”

“Nembhard and your first this year.”

“I think Rick will murder me in my sleep if I trade Nembhard. That’s a non-starter here. I can do Chris Duarte or Jalen Smith and the Cavs pick.”

“How about Duarte, the Cavs pick, and the Houston 2023 second with the weird protections?”


Decline and go back

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