CYOA – 2.1.8 – Jarred Vanderbilt

Danny Ainge Negotiations

You prepare yourself for the nonsense of Danny Ainge before you make this call. I will not overreact when he asks for something ridiculous for Jarred Vanderbilt. I will not overreact when he asks… you repeat to yourself as you scroll through your contacts.

“Kevin! How are you?” Ainge answers.

“I’m good. Ready for this deadline to be over. You?”

“Good. I’m good. What are we talking today?”

“Jarred Vanderbilt.”

“Jarred, oh man, I think the only way that’s happening is if you offer up Bennedict Mathurin.”

“Mother—” you stop yourself. You take a deep breath and count to 10 silently.

“Kevin … you there? Mathurin and a pick and we have a deal.”

“AND A PICK? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN MIND? How you get anyone to make a deal with you ever I’ll never understand.”

“Alright, calm down. Just Mathurin would be fine.”

“No, Danny. I’m not giving you one of the best rookies in the league for Jarred Vanderbilt. Can we have a real conversation or should I just hang up now?”

“You make an offer then,” Ainge says impatiently. 

“Cavs pick.”

“How about two of your firsts? Unprotected.”

You hang up. Continue here.

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