CYOA 3.1.1 Knicks / Turner

Knicks negotiations

“Leon, heard you may be interested in Myles Turner,” you say when the Knicks executive picks up the phone.

“Hey, KP, I’m doing well. And yourself?” Leon responds.

“You know I don’t do small talk. Are you interested or not? I got a bunch of other calls to make.”

“Alright, alright. Yes, we are potentially interested. Robinson just can’t stay healthy and Turner could add some needed shooting to the roster as well. But his contract situation gives us pause.”

“Understandable. Big market like you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping a guy like Myles though, one look at that LEGO store in the city and he’ll never want to leave. We’d like to get a first and a young player for him.”

“We can give you one of our heavily protected firsts and Reddish but you’d have to take on Fournier’s deal for this to happen.”

“Those picks ever going to actually convey, how about one of your own picks down the line. If we’re taking on Fournier, I need Toppin instead of Reddish.”

“You are really into the 2020 class huh. How about we offer you the first pick to convey between the Pistons and the Wizards picks and we’ll do Toppin.” The offer looks like this:

  • You receive: Obi Toppin, Evan Fournier, and the first of two first-round picks to convey between the Pistons and Wizards which have protections on them for multiple years.
  • You trade: Myles Turner

Accept and look to trade Buddy Hield next.

Accept and trade no one else

Tell him you’ll think it over.

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