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Myles Turner makes his final counter for an extension

Now that you’ve convinced Herb of your plan, your first order of business is to decide how to proceed with the franchise’s longest tenured player, Myles Turner. 

After weeks of negotiations, Turner and his agent have sent you his final counter in an email. It reads:

Hey KP,

I decided I needed to add a personal touch to these negotiations against the wishes of my agent. I appreciate your honesty and communication over the years even if I wish I wasn’t constantly in trade rumors for so much of my tenure here and thought I would return the favor. I’m having my best season as a pro now that I’m back to being a full-time center and I love playing with this group of guys especially Tyrese. But I also know my value and if we can’t reach an agreement I understand that you’ll need to trade me to avoid losing me for nothing in free agency. This will be my final counter offer and I think it compares well with what you were willing to pay Ayton to replace me last summer, who I think I’ve outplayed this season if I’m being honest and allows me to return to free agency when the salary cap should make a jump squarely in my prime.

Re-negotiation and extension:

  • $35 million this season ($18M salary plus $17M of Pacers’ salary space)
  • $20.9M in 2023-24
  • $19.9M in 2024-25

Total: 2 additional years, $58M.


How do you choose to proceed?

Option 1: Accept the terms that Turner has provided and lock-in a quality center and defensive anchor that fits the timeline of your roster fairly well for two more seasons beyond this one.

Option 2: Decline Turner’s final offer and start looking for trades for Turner while keeping the rest of the roster intact.

Option 3: Decline Turner’s final offer and pivot to becoming sellers instead of buyers.

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