CYOA – Not trading Myles after all

An awkward phone call with Myles Turner

You decide that none of the offers were good enough and passed on them all. You call Myles Turner on the phone.

“So this is it?” Myles Turner says when he answers. “Where am I headed?”

“About that,” you reply. “The offers just weren’t good enough. We’d rather keep you for the rest of the season and–”

Myles starts laughing.

“And we’ll still be open to re-signing you in the summer.”

Myles laughs even harder.

“Myles, you there? Myles.”

After a few minutes, you go ahead and hang up the phone.

Well the roster remains intact but you may have a difficult summer ahead if Turner signs somewhere else and you don’t feel like any of your young centers are ready for that starting role full time. Choose one of the following links to see how the rest of the season plays out:






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