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Two-Ahh: Pacers lose to Sixers 121-110

The Indiana Pacers fell to 5-4 on the season after losing to the upstart Philadelphia 76ers by a final of 121-110.

The Pacers led the game 108-107 after Victor Oladipo hit a 3-pointer, but were outscored 14-2 for the remainder of the game.

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Myles Turner is out for at least the next two games with a concussion

The Pacers announced last night that Turner was questionable with a sore neck for the team’s game against the Portland Trailblazers.

Now, it seems that Turner has developed symptoms of a concussion and will miss both of team’s next two games before he’s re-evaluated later this weekend.  Continue reading Myles Turner is out for at least the next two games with a concussion

iPacers Discuss: Season Preview

Here’s the iPacers team of Contributors Joe Betz and Ross Blauvelt and Editor-in-Chief Derek Kramer here to discuss a few questions to preview the Indiana Pacers 2017-18 season that begins tomorrow night against the Brooklyn Nets. What’s in store for the Blue and the Gold in the dawn of this new era?  Continue reading iPacers Discuss: Season Preview

Pacers show encouraging signs in preseason win to start new era

The Indiana Pacers won their preseason opener in Milwaukee by a final score of 104-86. The Pacers ran away with the game in the third quarter where they outscored the Bucks 30-15. Myles Turner and Lance Stephenson led the team in scoring with 17 points each.

While the preseason results don’t matter, this was the new-look Pacers first opportunity to play together outside of practice, and it was an interesting dive into what the Pacers will strive to be in the regular season. Here’s some takeaways from game one:

Myles Turner is going to shoot more threes. A third of Turner’s 12 shot attempts were from beyond the 3-point line. While Turner managed to make only one attempt of his four tonight, it was encouraging to see him look to shoot from distance with confidence. Turner’s defense was also impressive. Turner was active at the rim, looked to consistently be in the correct position, and grabbed nine rebounds. Turner showed some improvement in post defense, forcing multiple misses in the first half, while also showing his great rim protection on multiple occasions with three blocks. Turner’s development is the key for the Pacers to accelerate this rebuilding era, and it’s quite possible he’ll have an All-Star selection coming his way this season.

Victor Oladipo has the greenest of green lights. Oladipo shot it early and often, shooting 8 times in the first quarter. He finished with 15 points on 15 shot attempts (making six). It’s clear that Oladipo will be one of the Pacers first scoring options and may lead the team in scoring, efficiency probably won’t be great.

Lance will make us dance. Stephenson will serve as the sixth man this year and he looked much like the player that he only seems to be in a Pacers uniform. Stephenson was the main ball handler for the second unit and set up Domantas Sabonis numerous times with nifty passes as they’ve seemed to gain some chemistry over the summer as both have spent the offseason in Indianapolis. Stephenson is going to flirt with triple doubles, get hyped, take maddening mid-range jump shots, bully his way to the rim, make some occasional threes. Stephenson finished with 17 points, six assists and six rebounds.

Damien Wilkins looks alright. Old Man Wilkins, complete with gray facial hair, was a questionable free agent signee at 37 years old and being out of the NBA for the past four seasons. Tonight, Wilkins led the Pacers in scoring in the first half with 10 points and finished with 12 points on 4-of-8 shooting. He looks like he’ll adequately serve as the backup small forward while Glenn Robinson III is out with his severe ankle injury. While you could still argue that the Pacers would be better served giving those minutes to a young player like Alex Poythress or Ben Moore that need the development time, Wilkins won’t be a liability on the court and should be a good veteran presence while with the second unit. His situation seems reminiscent of Rasual Butler from 2013-14.

He currently looks like a lock to make the roster. Alex Poythress may be a candidate for the final spot as he was the 12th player to enter the game tonight, which would open up one of the Pacers 2-way contract spots for either Jarrod Uthoff or Ben Moore, neither of whom played tonight.

Al Jefferson is going to have to earn his way back on the court. At least for tonight’s game, the Pacers played Sabonis at the backup five and rookie TJ Leaf as the backup power forward. While Less Big Al lost 40 pounds over the offseason and seems more intent on a better season this year, he’s currently the third-string center. It’s possible the Pacers end up deciding that Leaf isn’t quite ready for minutes yet, but at least to start the season (and in training camp practices), Jefferson will be mainly on the bench.

It’s perilous to make many judgments based on the first preseason game (the Pacers showed encouraging signs last year in the first preseason game too), but the Pacers seemed committed to the running style that they’ve been talking about pursuing for years, and Wilkins praised the team chemistry after the game, which has been a struggle for the Pacers for the past couple of seasons as well.


Tales from the Block: Fan Zone Auditions

Quick, you’ve got 20 seconds to impress Myles Turner and Lance Stephenson to convince them you deserve Pacers season tickets. What do you do? How about trying your hand at poetry? Singing and dancing? Maybe paint your chest, use a dog as a prop, make a fool or yourself or just plain GET LOUD?!

That’s what most fans did this past Monday night when the final round of tryouts for the Turner’s Block charged by Dew and Born Ready Crew Fan Zones for this upcoming Pacers season took place at the Madame Walker Theater in downtown Indianapolis. MC’d by Pat Boylan of Sideline Guys and the Pacers Radio broadcast complete with his Bob Barker microphone.

Like in years past, the Pacers will have two fan zones again this season to follow in the tradition started by Roy Hibbert with Area 55 and continued with the G2 Zone, and Rodney Stuckey’s Crew.

This season your humble iPacers writer and TheCorner3Show host decided to try his hand at a fan zone. The last time I tried out was in 2012 for the G2 zone (Paul George and George Hill). But that was while I still lived in Fort Wayne.

My friend and I made it to the final round (everyone auditioned as a pair that year). We didn’t have a skit or an act, just a speech as to why we deserved the tickets.

We dressed in suits with sunglasses, Men in Black style, with Mad Ants jerseys underneath. Oh ya, we looked cool. While we were willing to make that dedication to drive down for each home game from Fort Wayne… they didn’t see it that way. Sadly, we were not awarded the tickets. Understandable but disappointing.

The team behind us played mock dodgeball. Literally smashing each other in the face and won ‘Golden Tickets’ (automatic win) in the process. Just goes to show what kind of energy level, commitment, and random creativity you have to bring to win these competitions.

Since then, Paul and George have been traded away, an Eastern Conference Contender fell apart, I moved down to Indianapolis, started writing for iPacers, and along with Alex and Zach, began TheCorner3Show (YouTube/Podcast). This year was the perfect year to try to win season tickets again!

The signup process was pretty straightforward. Fill out your basic info (name, address, etc). Submit a picture/video showing why you deserve tickets and link to a social media site of your own that backs that up. That’s all. Then wait for about a week to see if you’ve made the final round of tryouts. Which I did. CELEBRATE!

Even though I’d never been to the Madame Walker Theater before, it wasn’t hard to tell that I was in the right place by the amount of Blue/Gold walking around outside.

Once inside you registered by last name and selected which Fan Zone you would want to be a part of and took a seat to wait for Myles and Lance to enter. The entries literally filled a whole wing of the lower auditorium floor.

The mix of fans at the tryouts was about 80% previous fan zone members. Most having already done this before and successfully be selected. Gulp.

One fan next to me asked if I have tried out before. He felt confident that even though it seemed like there were 150+ people there to tryout, he had a good shot at getting into a zone since there were two fan zones.

Another fan said he had a great chance as last year him and his buddies painted their chests for Lance Stephenson, sent him the pic and Lance retweeted them. They actually won automatic tickets to Lance’s Zone right when they got up.

Lance Stephenson Entrance :


When the players entered, the fans erupted. Chants already starting. A preview of how it will be this season in the Block/Crew. Each player said a little something to us all, how Indiana has the best fans in the league!

I was about the 10th to have my chance on stage after I heard they were going to go by row, I moved up as close as I could. I was definitely nervous in front of two ‘star’ players and their families, plus the entire audience, but for a chance at free tickets and to support my team, it was worth it!

So what did I do? A simple speech. I know, BORING. But I was wearing full Myles Turner Hickory Gear. Shorts, tall socks and Myles shirt complete with headband. I talked about how I had tried out before but have since moved down to Indianapolis and started writing for iPacers and TheCorner3Show. If I was selected, fans of each would get an inside look at what being part of a Fan Zone is like. Plus I promised to loose my voice after each game. 20 seconds really is a long time once you’re in it.

The other two members of TheCorner3Show were there to cheer me on. I felt like I saw Myles nodding while I talked. Either he’s fan of this site or listens to the Pod. Here’s hoping.

I wasn’t able to stay through all the tryouts but of the ones before me here were some of my favorites (hopefully you got to see them on the Pacers Instagram story). One fan was a Pacer ‘nerd’. Another dressed in 10+ Pacers Jerseys AT THE SAME TIME! Another had a partner (they both had made the final round) and ‘dunked’ on Myles Turner. The opening Poem was pretty creative too by Andrew Adams. There were many many elaborate costumes behind me and I wished I had time to see them all.

And I’ve got to say, no matter how good or bad each act was, Pacers fans gave each audition tons of encouragement and applause. Classy bunch.

So now it’s a waiting game…. if you didn’t win automatic tickets that night, you had to wait until Friday to find out if you made it. Four days of nervous wait time, just hoping to get that email…

Friday morning another email went out… keep waiting and keep your eye on social media. Great. More waiting. Just tell me already!

Then around 3pm Friday my phone blew up with texts.

I HAD MADE Turners Block!!!!! So excited. The first game they want us to attend is the 1st Preseason game October 10th to go over how the season will go.

Thanks for following along on my adventure. Please share in the comments or on Twitter your own story and if you tried out too.

Hopefully we have a lot of Crew and Block members reading iPacers. I hope to put up more stories from Turner’s block this season and give you the reader, a chance to feel like you’re there too. Go Pacers!


Who starts for the Indiana Pacers in 2017?

The Indiana Pacers roster is starting to take shape after many changes to the team in the first couple of weeks of the off-season.


Victor Oladipo, Domantas Sabonis, Darren Collison, TJ Leaf, Bojan Bogdanovic, Ike Anigbogu, Edmond Sumner


Paul George, Monta Ellis, CJ Miles, Jeff Teague, Lavoy Allen, Rakeem Christmas 

As the Pacers begin their “rebirth,” who are the Pacers going to start next season?

After the press conference introducing Oladipo, Sabonis and Collison, Nate McMillan said the only starters that were for certain were Oladipo and Myles Turner. After that, “we’ll see.”

Today, McMillan said that Bogdanovic will start training camp as the starting small forward. “It’s his job to lose,” said McMillan.

Here’s some different options that TJ Pacers can look at with their current roster:

Start the Vets:
PG: Darren Collison
SG: Victor Oladipo
SF: Bojan Bogdanovic
PF: Thaddeus Young
C: Myles Turner

Currently, it seems this is the most likely starting lineup, though it’s surprising that McMillan didn’t list Young among his for-sure starters when he was among the most important players for the Pacers last season. This may mean the Pacers are looking to move Young before the season. If they move Young, Sabonis likely takes the starting power forward spot.

Start the Youth:
PG: Cory Joseph
SG: Victor Oladipo
SF: Glenn Robinson III
PF: Domantas Sabonis
C: Myles Turner

If the Pacers look to move some of their added veterans at the deadline, this could be the lineup by the end of the season. Robinson seems like the most likely to earn his spot over the incoming veteran as the fourth-year player has consistently shown improvement from year to year and performed well starting in place of George last season. Even if the Pacers keep their roster intact this season, the lineup may end up like the next one before too long.

Middle Ground:
PG: Darren Collison
SG: Victor Oladipo
SF: Glenn Robinson III
PF: Thaddeus Young
C: Myles Turner

The Pacers would be wise to see if Robinson can handle a full-time starting role before he enters free agency next season. With the way young wings always get paid in free agency, the Pacers have to find out if Robinson is worth investing $15 million per season. If they don’t start him, he may be cheaper next season or he could look for a better opportunity elsewhere.

Let’s Get Weird:
PG: Lance Stephenson
SG: Victor Oladipo
SF: Glenn Robinson III
PF: Bojan Bogdanovic
C: Myles Turner

Starting Point Lance seems to have completely died now that Collison and Joseph have joined the team, but this unit that surrounds Stephenson with shooters could score a lot of points. Oladipo could guard opposing point guards and Stephenson would run the offense. Even with Joseph, Stephenson should be running the second unit most of the time as the first man off the bench.

A Little Less Weird:
PG: Darren Collison
SG: Victor Oladipo
SF: Lance Stephenson
PF: Thaddeus Young
C: Myles Turner

A Little More Weird Super Small Ball
PG: Darren Collison
SG: Victor Oladipo
SF: Lance Stepenson
PF: Glenn Robinson III
C: Myles Turner

Here’s a couple unconventional and unlikely options with Stephenson at small forward.

Myles Turner says he’s ready to be the face of the Pacers franchise

Myles Turner’s maturity level is well above the typical 21-year-old kid, and soon he’ll have a lot more responsibility to the Indiana Pacers organization than most players his age will ever have to their own.

The Pacers couldn’t ask for someone better to take it all on.

“Without a doubt,” Turner told Alex Kennedy on his HoopsHype podcast when asked if he’s ready to become the face of the Pacers franchise. “… I feel like I’m ready to take on more. I want to become a leader. Why not start early?”

With Paul George essentially giving his 2-weeks notice when he had his agent tell the team he doesn’t plan on signing an extension and is off to Los Angeles in 2018, the Pacers have to feel fortunate to be able to immediately start building their franchise around a player with the potential and professionalism of Turner.

“Be a leader,” Turner told Kennedy when asked about his individual goals for next season.

Turner, who averaged 14.5 points and 7.2 rebounds per game, seems acutely aware of the George-sized void that will soon leave the organization and need filled.

When asked about his reaction to Larry Bird saying he could potentially become the greatest Pacers player ever during last season, Turner said, “After the initial shock, you start to believe it. When you have someone who is so confident in you and an organization that is so confident in your abilities and your future, it only motivates you to keep working and work harder and get better everyday.”

As for what Turner wants to improve on with all of his hard work, he said “all aspects of his game,” but specifically mentioned facing up in the mid post, improving his 3-point shot further, and defending the pick and roll. In other interviews this offseason, he’s said his focus is getting stronger and working on his post game.

Turner’s reaction to the news that George would be leaving: “Alright, well, what’s next? We have to start rebuilding and look at what we can do for our future. That was my initial thought.”

Turner’s love for the organization and for the state of Indiana, where he’s embraced the community since his rookie season with his WARM initiative, were evident in the podcast as he talked for a couple of minutes about his favorite things in Indiana including the food, the summer weather and how great of a sports town Indianapolis is. He had very high praise for the Simons, is excited for the Pacers new practice facility and called the Pacers a “Grade-A organization.”

In these dark times when the star player of the team decides he no longer wants to be a part of the organization that drafted him, Pacers fans are eager to start the era of the future face of the Pacers, someone that wants to be in Indiana: Myles Turner.

Paul George on his future: “For Indiana, I want that ring.”

Paul George has been a hot topic for discussion as a potential star on the move especially after not making an All-NBA team last season, and tonight the Indianapolis media got a rare off-season chance to ask him questions about his future at the 9th Annual Caroline Symmes Celebrity Softball Challenge that has numerous current and former players for both the Colts and Pacers compete every year. 

Everything that George said tonight is consistent with every other time he’s spoken to the media about his future in the last year or so. George said expects to be an Indiana Pacers player through next season and play out the rest of his contract. He still wants to win in Indiana and still wants some help to do so.

“I’m a Pacer,” said George according to Nate Taylor of the Indy Star. “There’s no way around that. This is my team, my group, and this is where I’m at.”

While the text here doesn’t make George sound enthusiastic about being a Pacer currently in these quotes, it’s likely that he’s sick of all the speculation and rumors about where he’s going when he still has a full year before he’ll be making that decision of whether to stay or whether to leave.

George is still talking about wanting to bring a championship to Indiana and win for the team that drafted him.

“I am all about trying to make this team better,” said George according to Tricia Whitaker of CBS4 Indy. “For Indiana, I want that ring. I need some help to get that accomplished.”

“It’s all about bringing a championship to Indiana,” said George.

The burden to get that help for George is on recently promoted President of Basketball Operations Kevin Pritchard. George said he and Pritchard are on the same page after meeting with him the day after his promotion and that he’s pleased with the hire.

“His mind is in the right place in terms of players I want to play with and be around,” said George of Pritchard. “It’s going to be tough, as it would be anywhere to attract players so we’ll see how we shape this team up.”

Pritchard’s approach seems very different than Larry Bird’s infamous “He don’t make decisions around here” stance when the Pacers wanted George to play power forward, and George already seems to appreciate feeling like he’s a part of what Pritchard is trying to do and being kept in the loop. George wasn’t happy about not knowing anything about the trade rumors at the deadline, and Pritchard has made an immediate effort to repair George’s trust with the front office.

Pritchard will be looking to figure out a way to make a splash in free agency or via trade that will get the Pacers back to competing in Eastern Conference Finals. Don’t be surprised to hear if the Pacers are at least looking for a meeting with a free agent like former Butler star Gordon Hayward, especially when George has praised his game in the past.

“I love being a part of what he’s trying to do from day one,” said George. “We established a great relationship.”

Actually pulling in a player like Hayward or someone of similar caliber will be easier said than done for Pritchard as the Pacers will have limited resources available if they intend to re-sign Jeff Teague and CJ Miles. Finding takers on the contracts of both Monta Ellis and Al Jefferson is one of few potential options of freeing up cap space, but the Pacers are unlikely to find any suitors on the old veterans without a draft pick attached to the deal as well.

If George makes an All-NBA team this season, he’ll still qualify for that enormous extension that only the Pacers can offer him, so George has an extra motivation to not be traded this season.

George, who had previously stated that he felt like he played well enough to make one of the All-NBA teams this season, said that he won’t play the “political game” when it comes to the All-NBA teams and that he knows he needs to be better next season to make one of those teams.


The constant trade rumors and speculation about George’s future will remain a constant until next off-season when George opts out of his current contract and becomes a free agent.

“They’re all crazy,” said George about trade rumors, “but they’re all expected.”

After the finals, the television talking heads and some journalists have talked or written about the idea of George being traded to the Cavaliers as a kind of counter to the Warriors acquiring Kevin Durant last off-season. None of them seem to consider the Pacers will make a decision based on their own interests and likely won’t even consider dealing George to their division rival that already is the best team in the Eastern Conference.

And George says he doesn’t have any plans on speaking with James about his future.

“He’s been a huge influencer for me outside of the game,” said George, “but we don’t communicate and figure out where one another’s going.”

At this point, it seems highly unlikely that the Pacers will be trading George during the off-season. Zach Lowe, Brian Windhorst, and Ramona Shelburne each recently said on Lowe’s podcast that they had heard the Pacers weren’t looking to trade George currently from their own sources, and George isn’t currently demanding one either. As George said, they’re on the “same page.”

If the Pacers do start looking to trade George, it will likely be because they failed to add any new pieces and George then requests a trade, or the season isn’t going as planned at the deadline next year and the Pacers decide he’s likely to leave and to get whatever they can before losing him for nothing.

For the fans in Indiana, it’s still a game of wait and see. There will just be a lot of rumors and speculation about George’s future until the day comes.

In the meantime, let’s try to just enjoy Paul George.


Myles Turner is in a Sophomore Slump

When Myles Turner started this season off with an impressive 30 points, 16 rebounds, 4 blocks and 2 steals in an overtime win against Dallas, it looked like Turner might be ready to make a leap to stardom quicker than expected.

But since that opening night, Turner hasn’t surpassed 30 points (closest is 26 points against the Pelicans in December) or 16 rebounds (his closest is 15 rebounds against the Nets in January). At the All-Star break, saying his season was a disappointment would still have been unfair as the 20-year-old second-year player out of Texas was averaging 15.6 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks per game (constantly adding to the ever-growing Myles High Club).

However, since the All-Star break and particularly during the month of March, Turner seems to have hit the proverbial wall and is in the midst of a sophomore slump offensively during an inopportune time for the Pacers as they look to secure a playoff spot. He’s averaging just 8.9 points and 6.9 rebounds in the Pacers first nine games of March. The signs of a decline in his play were evident in February as his shooting percentages dipped from well over 50% for the first few months of the season to only 46%, but they’ve plummeted all the way down to a lowly 40% so far in March.

Lately, it seems that Turner is reluctant to look for his shot in the offense, and you have to wonder if his confidence is dwindling as his shooting stroke from beyond the 3-point line has completely abandoned him. He’s made just 2 of his last 22 attempts from deep after starting the season shooting 40% (33 of 83), and he’s yet to make a 3-pointer in March on nine attempts.

Statistics seem to support the hypothesis that he’s passing up some shots that he would normally take as his usage percentage is down to just 16.2% since the All-Star break after being at 21.2% in the season’s first half.

The only positive from Turner turning down shot opportunities has been his improved passing making more appearances every game. Turner’s nearly doubled his assist average since the All-Star break with 1.9 per game after getting just 1.1 prior and has made many passes that he wouldn’t have even thought to attempt during his rookie season.

Turner’s become very adept at finding the open shooters at the 3-point line, but he’s also making some flashy passes. This assist is from January, but Myles has been making a lot of no-look passes like this one in February and March.


Based on comments to the Indy Star earlier this month, this may be a concerted effort for Turner to pass the ball more and find ways to contribute outside of scoring.

“The game has really gone to the five man being involved in pin-downs or pick-and-rolls and a lot of times that ball is thrown to him and he’s got to make reads,” Pacers coach Nate McMillan told the Indianapolis Star. “It’s not shooting every time, but it’s taking what the defense is giving you and making the right read. I thought last night was probably his best game of making those reads of the pick-and-rolls and the pin-downs.”

Still you wonder if the Pacers have gone too far with wanting Turner to pass and if it’s causing him to think too much about whether it’s okay for him to shoot. It’s not often that you see Turner catch the ball on a pick and pop and immediately be ready to shoot the ball in the midrange during this stretch. It’s also becoming increasingly rare to see Turner get the ball on the block while posting someone up (still looking forward to him working with Jermaine O’Neal in that area).

Fortunately for the Pacers, Turner’s still been very good defensively as the anchor down low as he’s led the Pacers to a 5th-best defensive rating since the All-Star break even after the Raptors torched them last night. While he struggles with blocking out as he tries continue to add strength to his young body, he’s still the most important player defensively for the Pacers.

Even in this awful offensive stretch, Turner’s been the Pacers second-best player in terms of Total Points Added with Paul George leading the way by a large margin. You can see how good Turner’s been defensively that he’s still about +5 overall in this metric and how much more value he’s added on defense than any other Pacer.

Last night’s brutal game against the Raptors was a perfect microcosm of everything that’s been going on with Turner for about a month and a half. He scored just three points while taking only four shots as he often passed away opportunities to score and managed three assists while looking for his teammates, but also had two turnovers. Besides the game against Kristaps Porzingis and the Knicks where he put up 17 points and 11 rebounds, Turner has often seemed extremely passive in the offense since the All-Star break.

Turner continued to look skiddish when getting the opportunity to shoot in the first half tonight against the Jazz, but seemed much more intent on looking to score in the second. He finished with 16 points and made more than 50% of his shots. Hopefully, this will carry over to the next game for Turner.

Turner’s improvement in passing and uptick in his assists average is not worth all the points per game that the Pacers are losing by him not being as involved in the offense in terms of scoring. If the Pacers want to make the playoffs and perhaps challenge either the Wizards, Celtics, or Raptors in a 7-game series, they’ll need Turner to score, not to just get a couple of assists per game. Turner finding that balance between sharing the ball while still looking to score and regaining confidence in his shot will be key for the Pacers as they try to lock down their spot in the playoffs.

Jermaine O’Neal & Myles Turner make summer plans

Earlier today, former Pacers star Jermaine O’Neal sent a tweet to Myles Turner, offering to work with him this summer on his post game and gave some praise to the 20-year-old phenom for how he plays the game.

Myles Turner responded back with a resounding “Hell yeah!”

O’Neal said he’s looking forward to working with him and ended his last tweet with “#PacerForLife.”

This is great news for Pacers fans. Turner already has Al Jefferson to learn tricks from in the locker room and always seems to be eager to learn from others.

O’Neal is the best Pacers post player in their NBA history and can certainly teach Turner a thing or two in the mid/low post area. Turner’s bread and butter will always be that smooth stroke that goes beyond the 3-point line, but the more he improves in the post, the tougher matchup he’ll be. Maybe one day Turner will put up a 50-point game like JO’s 55-point night.


While O’Neal didn’t get the bobblehead night for the 2000s teams for the Pacers decade games this season, it can easily be argued it should have been him over Danny Granger. The Pacers still seem reluctant to celebrate anything about the teams from the brawl era, so it’s good to see that O’Neal still considers himself part of the Pacers family after all this time.

Video: Myles Turner just added a new member to Myles High Club & it was incredible

Myles Turner’s blocked list keeps going and Tarik Black probably won’t ever forget his introduction to the Myles High Club.

Twitter had some fun reacting to one of Turner’s finest blocks of his young career.

Turner’s off to terrific start in his second season as he has averaged 21 points, 10 rebounds, and a league-leading 3.3 blocks through the first three games.


Breaking news: Myles Turner is pretty good at basketball

The Indiana Pacers opened the season with an overtime win over the Dallas Mavericks last night 130-121. Paul George had 25 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists. New point guard Jeff Teague had 20 points and 8 assists. But the real star in game one was the 20-year-old second-year big man from Texas, Myles Turner.

Turner put up monster numbers of 30 points, 16 rebounds, 4 blocks, and 2 steals. He hit 13 of his 19 shots, including a three-pointer in overtime that pushed the Pacers lead to four. He and Anthony Davis became only the third and fourth players since 1973 to put up 30 points and 16 rebounds in a season opener. Continue reading Breaking news: Myles Turner is pretty good at basketball

Myles Turner impressive during USA scrimmages

Myles Turner seems poised for a huge second season with Larry Bird complimenting his progress and new teammate Al Jefferson as a mentor, and now he’s showing off his improvement while scrimmaging against the Olympic roster for USA with the Select Team.

Yesterday, he blocked his own teammate Paul George on a drive to the rim. George even gives his teammate a little pat to say nice job after the play.

“I think just getting the invite alone is something that automatically comes with your game elevating,” George said last month. “You take that as he’s one of the best young prospects coming up. He’s only going to get better.”

George’s words before the event seem to be true already. Today, Marc Spears of ESPN and Ethan Strauss both commented on his superb play in the scrimmage.

Turner was noted with a stuff of DeMarcus Cousins (already a member of the Myles High Club) and then hitting a three at the other end by Strauss. 

Turner adding a little extra range to his shot would be huge for spacing in the offense and more importantly the block coming on a post up against one of the toughest players to guard down low is a very encouraging sign for his post defense next year.

Spears said Turner was playing like he should be on the Olympic team and not just the Select Team.

Turner’s clearly taking advantage of his opportunity to play against some of the best talent in the NBA. He was very excited for the chance to improve before the camp started.

“I approach each day with a different goal in mind,” said Turner of his offseason to the Indy Star. “What can I get accomplished that day, and I don’t leave until I get the goal accomplished. I’m very focused and dedicated to where I want to go and where I want to be one day.”

George told the Indy Star that he believes that Turner’s work ethic and desire to improve will lead to future All Star appearances and noted his efforts to improve his body and movement.

The sky’s the limit for Turner with his tireless work ethic and an already large amount of talent. Pacers fans can look  forward to many more players becoming members of the Myles High Club through the years.

The Myles High Club: Every player Myles Turner has blocked

This list will be constantly updated after every Pacers game to show the most recent members list of the Myles High Club (every player Myles Turner has blocked so far). It’s an exclusive group filled with All-Stars, MVPs, and even some of his current teammates.

Turner currently sits 4th in all-time blocks on the Pacers leaderboard with 1,001 blocks. The following lists include his 55 playoff blocks as well.
Frequent Flyer Total Times Blocked
Andre Drummond 22
DeMar DeRozan 19
James Harden 17
Zach LaVine 13
Giannis Antetokounmpo 13
Bam Adebayo 11
LeBron James 10
Julius Randle 10
Cody Zeller 10
Bismack Biyombo 10

Currently updated through 11/8/2022

Myles High Club Members Date Joined (Total times Blocked)
1. JaMychal Green 10/29/2015 (2)
2. Trey Burke 10/31/2015 (3)
3. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 11/3/2015 (6)
4. Reggie Jackson 11/3/2015 (6)
5. Kelly Olynyk 11/4/2015 (2)
6. Timofey Mozgov 11/8/2015
7. Tony Snell 12/30/2015 (4)
8. Aaron Brooks 12/30/2015 (3)
9. Brandon Jennings 1/2/2016 (2)
10. Andre Drummond 1/2/2016 (22)
11. Shabazz Napier 1/6/2016
12. Norris Cole 1/8/2016
13. James Harden 1/10/2016 (16)
14. Emmanuel Mudiay 1/17/2016 (3)
15. Joffrey Lauvergne 1/17/2016
16. Brandon Knight 1/19/2016
17. Mirza Teletovic 1/19/2016
18. Tyson Chandler 1/19/2016
19. Archie Goodwin 1/19/2016
20. Harrison Barnes 1/22/2016 (6)
21. Shaun Livingston 1/22/2016
22. Rajon Rondo 1/23/2016 (5)
23. Darren Collison 1/23/2016 (2)
24. James Anderson 1/23/2016
25. DeMarcus Cousins 1/23/2016 (7)
26. Chris Paul 1/26/2016
27. Dennis Schroder 1/28/2016 (7)
28. Kenneth Faried 1/30/2016 (2)
29. Danilo Gallinari 1/30/2016 (2)
30. Gary Harris 1/30/2016 (3)
31. LeBron James 2/1/2016 (10)
32. Matthew Dellavedova 2/1/2016
33. Thaddeus Young 2/3/2016 (4)
34. Thabo Sefolosha 2/5/2016 (2)
35. Russell Westbrook 2/19/2016 (8)
36. Enes Kanter 2/19/2016 (8)
37. Kevin Durant 2/19/2016 (3)
38. Victor Oladipo 2/21/2016 (3)
39. Nikola Vucevic 2/21/2016 (6)
40. Aaron Gordon 2/21/2016 (6)
41. Luol Deng 2/22/2016
42. Amare Stoudemire 2/22/2016
43. Damian Lillard 2/28/2016 (5)
44. Kevin Love 2/29/2016 (5)
45. Iman Shumpert 2/29/2016 (2)
46. Jabari Parker 3/2/2016 (6)
47. Jeremy Lin 3/4/2016 (4)
48. Danny Green 3/7/2016 (2)
49. Tony Parker 3/7/2016
50. Chandler Parsons 3/12/2016 (2)
51. Paul Millsap 3/13/2016 (2)
52. Amir Johnson 3/15/2016 (2)
53. Jerami Grant 3/21/2016 (4)
54. Hollis Thompson 3/21/2016
55. Omer Asik 3/24/2016
56. Tim Frazier 3/24/2016
57. Luke Babbit 3/24/2016
58. Brook Lopez 3/26/2016 (5)
59. Clint Capela 3/27/2016 (5)
60. Nik Stauskas 4/2/2016 (2)
61. Jerian Grant 4/3/2016 (3)
62. Jonas Valanciunas 4/8/2016 (6)
63. Norman Powell 4/8/2016 (7)
64. Chris McCullough 4/10/2016
65. Bojan Bogdanovic 4/10/2016 (6)
66. DeMar DeRozan 4/16/2016 Playoffs (19)
67. Luis Scola 4/16/2016 Playoffs (2)
68. Bismack Biyombo 4/18/2016 Playoffs (10)
69. Kyle Lowry 4/21/2016 Playoffs (4)
70. Patrick Patterson 4/26/2016 Playoffs (3)
71. DeMarre Carroll 4/29/2016 Playoffs (4)
2016-17 First Date Blocked (How many times blocked ever)
72. Deron Williams 10/26/2016
73. J.J. Barea 10/26/2016 (2)
74. Trevor Booker 10/28/2016 (4)
75. Sean Kilpatrick 10/28/2016 (2)
76. Robin Lopez 10/29/2016 (6)
77. Dwyane Wade 10/29/2016 (3)
78. Tarik Black 11/1/2016
79. D’Angelo Russell 11/1/2016
80. Taj Gibson 11/5/2016 (4)
81. Marvin Williams 11/7/2016 (2)
82. Kemba Walker 11/7/2016 (8)
83. Dario Saric 11/9/2016 (7)
84. Robert Covington 11/9/2016 (3)
85. Gerald Henderson 11/11/2016 (2)
86. Isaiah Thomas 11/12/2016 (3)
87. Jonas Jerebko 11/12/2016
88. Tristan Thompson 11/16/2016 (6)
89. Richard Jefferson 11/16/2016
90. Kyrie Irving 11/16/2016 (6)
91. Jared Dudley 11/18/2016
92. Devin Booker 11/18/2016 (4)
93. Steven Adams 11/20/2016 (4)
94. Tim Hardaway Jr. 11/23/2016 (4)
95. Dwight Howard 11/23/2016 (5)
96. Austin Rivers 11/27/2016
97. Maurice Harkless 11/30/2016
98. Blake Griffin 12/4/2016 (5)
99. Klay Thompson 12/5/2016 (2)
100. Zaza Pachulia 12/5/2016
101. P.J. Tucker 12/7/2016
102. Alex Len 12/7/2016 (5)
103. Dorian Finney-Smith 12/9/2016 (2)
104. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 12/12/2016 (5)
105. James Johnson 12/14/2016 (2)
106. Goran Dragic 12/14/2016 (6)
107. Tyler Johnson 12/14/2016
108. Markieff Morris 12/19/2016 (3)
109. Kelly Oubre, Jr. 12/19/2016 (8)
110. Otto Porter, Jr. 12/19/2016 (3)
111. John Wall 12/19/2016 (6)
112. Kristaps Porzingis 12/20/2016 (9)
113. Carmelo Anthony 12/20/2016 (3)
114. Joakim Noah 12/20/2016
115. Derrick Rose 12/20/2016 (3)
116. Jaylen Brown 12/22/2016 (9)
117. Bradley Beal 12/28/2016 (4)
118. Michael Carter-Williams 12/30/2016
119. Marcus Morris 1/3/2017 (4)
120. Terrence Jones 1/16/2017
121. Jrue Holiday 1/16/2017 (3)
122. Solomon Hill 1/16/2017 (2)
123. Donatas Motiejunas 1/16/2017
124. Brandon Ingram 1/21/2017 (7)
125. Justin Holiday 1/23/2017 (5)
126. Zach LaVine 1/26/2017 (13)
127. Andrew Wiggins 1/26/2017 (8)
128. Ryan Anderson 1/29/2017
129. Eric Gordon 1/29/2017 (4)
130. Elfrid Payton 2/1/2017 (4)
131. Isaiah Whitehead 2/3/2017
132. Giannis Antetokounmpo 2/11/2017 (13)
133. Vince Carter 2/24/2017
134. Dion Waiters 2/25/2017 (2)
135. Lou Williams 2/28/2017 (2)
136. Cody Zeller 3/6/2017 (10)
137. Jason Terry 3/10/2017
138. Greg Monroe 3/10/2017
139. Josh Richardson 3/12/2017 (5)
140. Courtney Lee 3/14/2017
141. Willy Hernangomez 3/14/2017 (2)
142. Gordon Hayward 3/20/2017 (3)
143. Joe Johnson 3/20/2017
144. Rudy Gobert 3/20/2017 (7)
145. George Hill 3/20/2017 (3)
146. Al Horford 3/22/2017 (4)
147. Will Barton 3/24/2017 (8)
148. Nikola Jokic 3/24/2017 (5)
149. Wilson Chandler 3/24/2017
150. Gorgui Dieng 3/28/2017 (2)
151. Tony Allen 3/29/2017
152. Tiago Splitter 4/10/2017
153. Richaun Holmes 4/10/2017 (4)
154. Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot 4/10/2017
155. Kris Humphries 4/12/2017 (2)
156. DeAndre Bembry 4/12/2017 (2)
157. Ryan Kelly 4/12/2017 (2)
158. Malcolm Delaney 4/12/2017
2017-18 First Date Blocked (How many times blocked ever)
159. Caris LeVert 10/18/2017 (2)
160. Jerryd Bayless 11/3/2017
161. Joel Embiid 11/3/2017 (5)
162. J.J. Redick 11/3/2017
163. E’Twaun Moore 11/7/2017
164. Eric Moreland 11/8/2017
165. Denzel Valentine 11/10/2017 (3)
166. Bobby Portis 11/10/2017
167. Luc Mbah a Moute 11/12/2017
168. Marc Gasol 11/15/2017 (5)
169. Tyreke Evans 11/15/2017
170. Brandan Wright 11/15/2017
171. Tobias Harris 11/17/2017 (6)
172. Avery Bradley 11/17/2017
173. Hassan Whiteside 11/19/2017 (5)
174. Evan Fournier 11/20/2017 (4)
175. Jonathon Simmons 11/20/2017 (2)
176. Serge Ibaka 11/25/2017 (3)
177. Abdel Nadaer 11/26/2017
178. Kris Dunn 12/7/2017 (2)
179. Channing Frye 12/9/2017
180. Tyler Zeller 12/17/2017 (2)
181. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 12/17/2017 (2)
182. Joe Harris 12/23/2017 (3)
183. Jarrett Allen 12/23/2017 (3)
184. Spencer Dinwiddie 12/23/2017 (4)
185. Dwight Powell 12/27/2017 (2)
186. Dennis Smith 12/27/2017 (2)
187. Lauri Markkanen 12/29/2017 (4)
188. Tyus Jones 12/31/2017
189. Jimmy Butler 12/31/2017 (9)
190. Eric Bledsoe 1/8/2018 (4)
191. John Henson 1/8/2018
192. Dillon Brooks 1/31/2018 (2)
193. Jeremy Lamb 2/2/2018
194. Jayson Tatum 2/9/2018 (9)
195. Donovan Mitchell 3/7/2018 (3)
196. Derrick Favors 3/7/2018
197. Jaylen Morris 3/9/2018
198. Aron Baynes 3/11/2018 (5)
199. Julius Randle 3/19/2018 (10)
200. Emeka Okafor 3/21/2018 (2)
201. Bam Adebayo 3/25/2018 (11)
202. Jordan Bell 3/27/2018
203. Quinn Cook 3/27/2018
204. Skal Labissieri 3/29/2018
205. Willie Cauley-Stein 3/29/2018 (4)
206. Deandre Jordan 4/1/2018
207. O.G. Anunoby 4/6/2018 (4)
208. Larry Nance Jr. 4/15/2018 (Playoffs) (2)
209. Jordan Clarkson 4/25/2018 (Playoffs)
2018-19 First Date Blocked (How many times blocked ever)
210. Ed Davis 10/20/2018
211. LaMarcus Aldridge 10/24/2018 (2)
212. Cedi Osman 10/27/2018 (2)
213. Jake Layman 10/29/2018
214. CJ McCollum 10/29/2018 (2)
215. Cristiano Felicio 11/2/2018
216. Wendell Carter Jr. 11/2/2018 (3)
217. Antonio Blakeney 11/2/2018
218. James Ennis III 11/5/2018 (2)
219. Ben Simmons 11/7/2018 (4)
220. Justice Winslow 11/9/2018 (4)
221. Kevin Huerter 11/17/2018
222. Kent Bazemore 11/17/2018
223. Jae Crowder 11/19/2018 (6)
224. Frank Kaminsky 11/21/2018 (2)
225. Royce O’Neale 11/26/2018
226. Trevor Ariza 11/27/2018 (4)
227. DeAndre Ayton 11/27/2018 (7)
228. T.J. Warren 11/27/2018 (2)
229. De’Aaron Fox 12/1/2018 (5)
230. Jonathan Isaac 12/7/2018
231. Buddy Hield 12/8/2018 (2)
232. Thomas Bryant 12/10/2018 (2)
233. Malcolm Brogdon 12/12/2018
234. Ersan Ilyasova 12/12/2018 (2)
235. Furkan Korkmaz 12/14/2018
236. Ante Zizic 12/18/2018 (2)
237. Alec Burks 12/18/2018 (5)
238. Fred VanVleet 12/19/2018 (6)
239. Pascal Siakam 12/19/2018 (5)
240. Lorenzo Brown 12/19/2018
241. Rodions Kurucs 12/21/2018 (5)
242. Jeff Green 12/23/2018 (5)
243. Tomas Satoranksy 12/23/2018 (3)
244. Trae Young 12/26/2018
245. John Collins 12/31/2018 (3)
246. Luka Doncic 1/15/2019 (2)
247. Jaren Jackson Jr. 1/26/2019
248. Jahlil Okafor 2/4/2019
249. Kenrich Williams 2/4/2019
250. Cheick Diallo 2/4/2019
251. Ivica Zubac 2/5/2019 (2)
252. Kyle Kuzma 2/5/2019 (5)
253. Johnathan Motley 2/7/2019
254. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 2/7/2019
255. Montrezl Harrell 2/7/2019 (3)
256. Jerome Robinson 2/7/2019 (2)
257. Collin Sexton 2/9/2019 (4)
258. Marquese Chriss 2/9/2019
259. Khris Middleton 2/13/2019
260. Karl Anthony-Towns 2/28/2019 (3)
261. Jeff Teague 2/28/2019 (4)
262. Anthony Tolliver 2/28/2019
263. Terrence Ross 3/2/2019
264. Nikola Mirotic 3/7/2019
265. Noah Vonleh 3/12/2019
266. Allonzo Trier 3/12/2019
267. Patrick Beverley 3/19/2019 (2)
268. Terrance Ferguson 3/27/2019
269. Langston Galloway 4/1/2019
270. Bruce Brown Jr. 4/3/2019 (3)
271. Daniel Theis 4/17/2019 Playoffs (5)
2019-20 First Date Blocked (How many times blocked ever)
272. Wes Matthews 11/16/2019
273. Džanan Musa 11/18/2019 (2)
274. Taurean Prince 11/18/2019 (2)
275. Markelle Fultz 11/23/2019 (2)
276. Wes Iwundu 11/23/2019
277. Ja Morant 11/25/2019 (5)
278. Mike Conley 11/27/2019
279. DeAndre Hunter 11/29/2019 (2)
280. Damian Jones 11/29/2019
281. Bruno Fernando 11/29/2019
282. DeAnthony Melton 12/2/2019
283. Christian Wood 12/6/2019
284. RJ Barrett 12/7/2019 (6)
285. Mitchell Robinson 12/7/2019 (3)
286. Paul George 12/9/2019
287. Cody Martin 12/15/2019 (6)
288. Terry Rozier 12/15/2019 (6)
289. Alex Caruso 12/17/2019
290. Marvin Bagley 12/20/2019
291. Yogi Ferrell 12/20/2019
292. Donte DiVincenzo 12/22/2019
293. Tyler Herro 1/8/2020 (8)
294. Delon Wright 2/3/2020 (4)
295. Terence Davis 2/5/2020 (2)
296. Jaxson Hayes 2/8/2020
297. Nicolò Melli 2/8/2020
298. Josh Hart 2/8/2020
299. Miles Bridges 2/25/2020 (2)
300. Darius Garland 2/29/2020
301. Trey Lyles 3/2/2020 (3)
302. Shaquille Harrison 3/6/2020
303. Daniel Gafford 3/6/2020
304. Romeo Langford 3/10/2020 (2)
305. Ish Smith 8/3/2020
306. Derrick Jones Jr. 8/24/2020 (Playoffs) (2)
2020-21 First Date Blocked (How many times blocked ever)
307. Obi Toppin 12/23/2020 (3)
308. Coby White 12/26/2020 (4)
309. Zion Williamson 1/4/2021 (5)
310. David Nwaba 1/6/2021
311. Mikal Bridges 1/9/2021
312. Tyrese Haliburton 1/22/2021
313. James Wiseman 1/13/2021 (4)
314. Brad Wanamaker 1/13/2021
315. Jusuf Nurkic 1/15/2021 (2)
316. Dwayne Bacon 1/22/2021
317. Stanley Johnson 1/24/2021
318. Yuta Watanabe 1/24/2021
319. Chris Boucher 1/24/2021 (2)
320. Tyrese Maxey 1/31/2021 (2)
321. Brandon Clarke 2/2/2021
322. Kyle Anderson 2/2/2021
323. Joe Ingles 2/7/2021
324. Josh Jackson 2/11/2021
325. Garrett Temple 2/15/2021
326. Patrick Williams 2/15/2021 (2)
327. Jordan McLaughlin 2/17/2021
328. Anthony Edwards 2/17/2021
329. Malik Beasley 2/17/2021
330. Reggie Bullock 2/27/2021
331. Shake Milton 3/1/2021
332. Jamal Murray 3/4/2021 (2)
333. Talen Horton-Tucker 3/12/2021
334. Cameron Payne 3/13/2021 (2)
335. PJ Dozier 3/15/2021
336. Nicolas Claxton 3/17/2021
337. Kendrick Nunn 3/20/2021
338. Chris Silva 3/20/2021
339. Mason Plumlee 3/24/2021 (4)
340. Rui Hachimura 3/29/2021 (2)
341. Keldon Johnson 4/3/2021 (3)
342. Rudy Gay 4/3/2021 (2)
2021-22 First Date Blocked (How many times blocked ever)
343. LaMelo Ball 10/20/2021
344. P.J. Washington 10/20/2021
345. Dalano Banton 10/27/2021
346. Precious Achiuwa 10/30/2021 (3)
347. Scottie Barnes 10/30/2021
348. Gary Trent Jr. 10/30/2021
349. Jakob Poeltl 11/1/2021
350. Devin Vassell 11/1/2021
351. Bones Hyland 11/10/2021
352. Georges Niang 11/13/2021
353. Isaiah Stewart 11/17/2021 (3)
354. Dewayne Dedmon 12/3/2021
355. Omer Yurtseven 12/3/2021
356. Caleb Martin 12/3/2021 (2)
357. Deni Avdija 12/6/2021 (3)
358. Kevon Looney 12/13/2021 (2)
359. Draymond Green 12/13/2021
360. Jordan Nwora 12/15/2021 (2)
361. Sandro Mamukelashvili 12/15/2021
362. Thanasis Antetokounmpo 12/15/2021
363. Grayson Allen 12/15/2021
364. Cade Cunningham 12/16/2021 (2)
365. Gabe Vincent 12/16/2021 (2)
366. Jalen Green 12/23/2021
367. Alperen Sengun 12/23/2021
368. Jalen McDaniels 12/29/2021
369. Javonte Green 12/31/2021 (2)
370. Lamar Stevens 1/2/2022
371. Brandon Goodwin 1/2/2022
2022-23 First Date Blocked (How many times blocked ever)
372. Max Strus 11/4/2022 (2)

Myles Turner & Al Jefferson a perfect match

The Pacers signing of Al Jefferson to a 3-year, $30 million contract might be the best thing they could have done for their future star Myles Turner.

Professor Al meet your student.

“As far as helping younger players,” said Jefferson, “that’s just part of my DNA.” Like Turner, Jefferson came into the NBA as a 19-year-old rookie, and Jefferson’s always been eager to repay the favor of veterans teaching him at the beginning of his career.

“I’m really looking forward to working with some of these young guys,” said Jefferson. And later, “Turner’s got upside.”  Continue reading Myles Turner & Al Jefferson a perfect match

Pacers & Al Jefferson agree in principle to 3-year, $30 million deal

The Indiana Pacers have made some noise in free agency. According to Woj, the Pacers have agreed in principle to a deal with veteran center Al Jefferson on a 3 year, $30 million deal.

Jefferson will immediately give the Pacers a post-scoring threat off the bench at the center position. Last season, the 31-year-old Jefferson averaged 12 points and 6 rebounds in only 23 minutes per game. Injuries have been an issue for him recently as he was limited to only 47 games last year. If you’re unfamiliar with Jefferson’s game, prepare yourself for a plethora of impressively effective pump fakes and slow moving post moves.  Continue reading Pacers & Al Jefferson agree in principle to 3-year, $30 million deal

Mylestones: Turner gets invite for USA Basketball Select Team

Myles Turner accepted an invitation to participate with USA Basketball Team Select this summer. Candace Buckner of the Indianapolis Star reported the news:

It’s a big honor for the 20-year-old Pacer as he’ll get to train and scrimmage with the Olympic team for a week in the summer. Perhaps with his teammate Paul George if he decides to participate this year. It’s a way for USA Basketball to get young players involved and familiar with its culture early in their careers. It’s often the first step to eventually being on the Olympic team and a decent predictor of future success in the league.

Continue reading Mylestones: Turner gets invite for USA Basketball Select Team

Flagrant 2 missed in Game 7 according to the NBA

You know that missed call that everyone was talking about at the end of Game 7? The NBA thinks that wasn’t the only thing missed by the referees in the 4th quarter.

The NBA announced today that Bismack Biyombo has been assessed with a Flagrant-2 foul from a play with 11:18 remaining in the 4th quarter. The foul was assessed for hitting Myles Turner in the head or neck area.

Here’s the play, courtesy of Scott AgnessContinue reading Flagrant 2 missed in Game 7 according to the NBA

The Constant Evolution of Myles Turner

With the Indiana Pacers trailing by three points to the Oklahoma City Thunder with just under a minute remaining in the game, Monta Ellis drove towards the lane. As Steven Adams and Serge Ibaka converged to help, Ellis kicked it out to the open man standing in the corner ready for the pass behind the 3-point line, 19-year-old rookie, Myles Turner.

The rookie, who had only attempted two 3-pointers and had made none so far this season, calmly gathered the low pass at his feet and immediately rose with confidence to take the shot. Nothing but net. Tie game.

His first career 3-pointer and yet another Mylestone in the constant evolution of Myles Turner.

Myles Turner learned a new skill. Something that seems to happen nearly every game for the fast learning, hard working rookie.

“His biggest quality is that he’s not afraid. He’s never afraid, he’s never shying away from the moment,” Paul George said after the Thunder game, “He asks questions; he wants to learn, wants to get better, and works hard. It’s everything you want in a young player. He has it, and he’s going to be special for us.”

At the start of the season, it was clear that Frank Vogel didn’t want to put too much burden on the Pacers first-round draft pick. He was going to play off the bench at the 5 spot, so he could focus on learning just one position while he got used to the speed of the NBA game.

Myles came into the league with a couple of skills: A smooth jumper, his Turneround™ post move, and an impeccable sense of timing when it came to blocking shots. He used these skills to average 5.9 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 0.8 blocks in his first 18 career games and missed over a month and a half with a thumb injury. Modest numbers in about 18 minutes per contest, but you could still see flashes of his potential in every game.

Then the Pacers went on a 4-game Western Conference road trip and Myles Turner put on a nightly show. Turner averaged 20.5 points, 6.3 rebounds, 2.8 blocks over the trip, including a 31-performance over the defending champion Golden State Warriors that made me tweet this:

“You would have to say fairly that he’s one of the most, if not the most, surprising players in the draft,” Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy said to the Indy Star. “I think everybody pretty much knew he was going to be a good player, but I think a lot of people thought it would take more time than this and he’s playing very well.”

Turner was starting to show off even more skills: preventing dunks with blocks that recalled the memory of Roy Hibbert’s block on Carmelo Anthony in the playoffs, hook shots in the post, crafty, quick finishes in the lane. While he was still out of position at times on defense and Vogel knew it might be a “roller coaster,” Myles Turner was moved to the starting lineup, where Pacers fans hope he stays for a good 12-15 years.

Not only is Turner starting, but Vogel is playing him at power forward alongside Ian Mahinmi. While Mahinmi has recently struggled to stay on the court, the Pacers are now 4-1 when the tandem starts the game.

“I don’t know how fast and how far he develops in the final 29 games,” said Vogel in Candace Buckner’s great profile on Turner, “but it will be a big factor in what our ceiling is.”

The result is a rare mix of spacing on offense, but an abundance of rim protection and rebounding on defense. Turner is blocking anything that comes near him at the rim and that includes serving up some smothered chicken to LeBron James.

In the OKC game, assistant coach Popeye Jones told Turner that he wasn’t doing much on defense according to Jeremiah Johnson. Turner responded with 5 blocks in the 3rd-quarter alone.

The lineup is just touching the surface of its potential in terms of spacing now that Turner can take open corner threes. As Turner proves he’s ready to hit the long range shots and Vogel gives him more freedom to take those, the spacing will continue to grow on offense.

The end result may be Larry Bird finally getting that fast paced offense with lots of free flowing movement and spacing, and Frank Vogel playing his preferred style of having two bigs on the court at all times. The best of both worlds.

The always growing skillset of Myles Turner can do that for you.

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