Some realistic and unrealistic trades for Paul George

Paul George trade rumors are still in the early stages where it’s mostly speculation, but many teams have been reported to be interested. If you’ve missed any of the rumors so far, you can find them all here.

The team (Derek Kramer, Ross Blauvelt and Joe Betz) decided to put together some realistic deals that Kevin Pritchard and the Pacers may be able to pull off before Thursday’s draft. Some more realistic than others.


Pacers get: Wesley Matthews, Seth Curry, 9th overall pick
Mavericks get: Paul George

Kramer: Zach Lowe speculated that the Mavs may push for a George deal centered around the number 9 pick. Mark Cuban has long been on the search for a superstar for Dallas ever since winning the championship back in 2011. Pacers could wind up with Yogi Ferrell instead of Curry if the Mavs were unwilling to give him up.

Cavaliers & Kings

Pacers get: 10th and 34th overall picks, Aaron Afflalo
Kings get: Kevin Love
Cavaliers get: Paul George

Betz: Cleveland does it to get PG without sacrificing more than Love; Sacramento does it to keep their main lottery pick and get a star player to begin their culture shift from losing to winning; and IND does it to gain a mid-late lottery pick plus an early second to accelerate the rebuilding process. Afflalo’s time on the floor will be limited with King’s expected pick at 5, so his contract is dumped to the Pacers.


Pacers get: Greg Monroe, Malcolm Brogdon, 17th overall pick
Bucks get: Paul George

Kramer: The Bucks haven’t even been rumored to be interested in one-year of George, but imagining Giannis and him playing together would have to seem pretty appealing to Jason Kidd and the Bucks. This deal is only possible if Greg Monroe opts-in his player option for next season. The Pacers would have just one season of Monroe and pick up a promising young guard in Malcolm Brogdon on a cheap second-round pick contract as well as the 17th pick in Thursday’s draft.


Pacers get: DeAngelo Russell, Larry Nance Jr., 28th overall pick
Lakers get: Paul George

(Update: Russell has been traded to the Nets)

Betz: Lakers do it to acquire Bird rights on George now, prevent any contender from convincing George to stay and move on from Russell with Lonzo Ball; Pacers do it to acquire a new point guard should Teague not be re-signed, a young-ish PF on a good contract, and a late first. FWIW: I would rather have Russell and Nance than the rumored Clarkson and Randle, but that’s just me.


Pacers get: Ish Smith, Boban Marjonovic, 12th overall pick
Pistons get: Paul George

Kramer: Pacers get a solid backup point guard and the tall guy from Big Fish to go with the 12th overall selection that could net them someone like Donovan Mitchell. Pistons take the year rental on George without having to give up too much.

Trailblazers – Option 1

Pacers get: Allen Crabbe, Noah Vonleh, 15th overall pick
Trailblazers get: Paul George, Al Jefferson

Blauvelt: Pacers help Portland out by taking the Crabbe deal and the Blazers help Indiana out by taking on Big Al. Pacers get back a young prospect in Vonleh and the 15th pick in the draft. Blazers get one year to convince him to stay with a killer lineup of Dame, CJ, and Nurkic.

Trailblazers – Option 2

Pacers get: Crabbe, 2 of their 3 first round picks (15, 20, 26)
Trailblazers get: Paul George

Kramer: If the Pacers aren’t interested in Vonleh and are okay taking on Crabbe’s contract, the Pacers could pick up two first round picks that are better than either of the Lakers first rounders that they are currently offering (27, 28). If there are multiple players available near 18 on draft night that the Pacers like, this deal could be even more appealing.


Pacers get: Gary Harris, Kenneth Faried
Nuggets get: Paul George, Lavoy Allen

Blauvelt: The Pacers could try and get the Nuggets to add the #13 pick to the deal, but they haven’t been interested in George now that he’s actually on the block even though they made an offer at the deadline. This deal gives the Pacers a rebounding-focused power forward to pair with Myles Turner and starting shooting guard to replace CJ Miles. Lavoy Allen could be included in Nuggets were interested, if not the Pacers have the option of declining his $4 million team option.


Pacers get: Eric Gordon, Patrick Beverly, future first-round pick
Rockets get: Paul George

Kramer: This could be a trade more appealing to the Pacers if they intend to retool instead of rebuild. The Pacers get Eric Gordon to start at shooting guard after a great year in Houston and a defense-first point guard in Patrick Beverly. The Rockets GM Daryl Morey gets a second superstar to go with MVP-candidate James Harden and after signing his extension, he may feel safe enough to take the big risk on convincing George to stay.


Pacers get: Dario Saric, Robert Covington, Gerald Henderson, lottery-protected future first-round pick
76ers get: Paul George

Kramer: The 76ers are close to being done with The Process after acquiring the number one overall pick in the draft. George could help the team get to the playoffs and beyond on a much faster timeline. This may be more than the Sixers are willing to offer for George (Henderson is only included as to match salaries and his contract of $9 million is only guaranteed for just $1 million), but if the Sixers want to try and make an instant success after years of tanking, this could be their ticket. If the 76ers don’t want George, you could see if they’d be interested in a Kevin Love 3-team deal as well though that seems unlikely with Simmons at PF.


Pacers get: Evan Fournier, Mario Hezonja, future first-round pick
Magic get: Paul George

Kramer: Perhaps George’s former coach Frank Vogel thinks he can convince George to stay in Orlando past this season and the Pacers manage to get this haul from the Magic. They probably would have the option of taking a horse that does horse things over Hezonja (Game of Zones).

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