Paul George in Manila [WARNING: The following dunk is rated PG-13]

Paul George has been in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, for last few days. He’s setting the internet on fire with this dunk that happened less than a year after his horrible injury.

It’s so good to see this Paul George again. And so soon. PG has said that his next goal is going to be MVP. That’ll be incredibly challenging, but who wants to doubt Paul George at this point? It looks like he’ll easily win the Comeback Player of the Year award this season.

While in Manila, Paul also played in the coolest looking court mankind has ever created. PG compared the experience to the Coliseum in ancient times and said it felt “historic.” It looks like a court that only exists in the movies. Take a look:

This court is where amazing happens. Sorry, NBA.

More dunking from Paul in the Phillipines:

Welcome back, PG.

Watch out, number 12. You’re in PG’s flight path.

And a nice 360 to cap it all off.

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