Pacers announce ‘Hoosiers’-themed “Hickory Pacers” uniforms for 2015-16 season

George Hill made the announcement on Twitter a little over an hour ago:

Maybe, the most important part of this announcement is that we finally know why George Hill went blonde. It’s so his hair would match the Hickory Pacers uniforms. I must say, George, it’s a nice touch.

Here’s what the Pacers had to say in their press release about the alternate uniforms:

Unfortunately, no announcement was made that for select games Gene Hackman will also be the Pacers coach and give the team a classic speech to motivate the players like Frank Vogel always dreams about.

Pacers long-time broadcaster, Chris Denari, tweeted out a picture of Paul George’s Hickory High uniform.

This whole thing really just makes me have so many questions. Will this start to become a trend in the NBA? Will other teams follow suit and collaborate with movie studios? Will there be a Flint Pistons? Detroit Tropics?


What about an Air Bud jersey for Minnesota? They’re already the Timberwolves, so clearly it’s meant to be.

tumblr_lxnbwrlXhT1qma5d3o1_500 (1)

Now for the most important question I have: What NBA team is going to team up with Warner Brothers and wear Tune Squad jerseys as an alternate uniform? MJ’s Hornets would be a good candidate. How long will it take? And, how can I buy them?

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