Rodney Stuckey fools Cory Joseph with the ultimate ball fake

Rodney Stuckey could not have played worse in game five. He describes his own play as “sh*tty,” but that’s probably underestimating it. Stuckey finished 1 for 10, was a big culprit of the Pacers 4th quarter collapse and generally looked lost on the court at all times. His night was summed up in one vine:

So, how did Stuckey respond in game six with the Pacers one loss away from elimination? Godney rose from the ashes. He scored 8 points on 3 of 4 shooting and had 4 rebounds and 3 assists. A nice night for the backup wing, but he also had the highlight of the night and perhaps the series when he did this to Cory Joseph.

Amp Harris also uploaded a video from courtside with an incredible view of the play. (You can see him and Mike Epps at the bottom right of the Vine above. 

The series will be decided on Sunday night at 8 pm.



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