Paul George appears in two new Papa John’s commercials

Paul George is no Peyton Manning when it comes to being a spokesperson in commercials, but he’s racking up his commercial IMDB credits, including two new commercials from one that Peyton is intimately familiar with: Papa John’s.

The first new commercial has Paul George and Papa John squaring off in a dunk contest.

The crowd of three sitting courtside judges that Papa John’s pizza dunk was a better dunk than Paul George’s. Another dunk contest, another robbery for Paul George. This is Jeremy Evans all over again.

The other new commercial doesn’t match up with the Papa John’s commercial universe canon established in the previous commercial. Papa John says he’ll give Paul George a slice if he teaches him how to dunk after just beating him in a dunk contest. Maybe he’s just taunting George after his recent controversial victory in the last commercial. PG shows off a new trick.

Best food related dunk since Gerald Green blew out the cupcake.

Paul George also appeared in a couple Gatorade ads this season with Joe Young tagging along while looking awful and an ad for the NBA 2k17 game.


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