The Last Two Minutes in Rhyme: Hawks vs. Pacers

An Ode to a 7-0 Run

All that remained was a shade less than two minutes (two-ahh)
With the Pacers down six, how could they get back in it?
It seemed another 4th-quarter collapse was inevitable
Paul George, suddenly normal after being impeccable

After 10 minutes of the fourth, the Pacers had merely 9 points
McMillan called a timeout and said stop stinking up the joint
Terrible cliche, yes, but it seems it was effective
As the former Hawk especially seemed determined to not be rejected

Teague quickly drove through the lane and cut the Hawk lead to four
And the Pacers defense would stiffen and allow Atlanta no more
Paul Millsap missed but the Hawks got the rebound
But the kid from Indianapolis  wouldn’t let down his hometown

On a switch, he ripped the ball away from Millsap
And after PG missed a three, CJ added two with a tap
Indiana suddenly down two with 33 seconds to go
My heart wanted to believe, but my head still said no

The Hawks milked the clock, but their dagger missed its mark
And with 8 seconds left, Teague grabbed the ball on the arc
Without calling timeout, he pushed the ball up ahead
Where he found Paul George trailing, “I’m open” he said

George drove through the lane but many Hawks converged
So he dished the ball out to CJ who quickly moved it to Third
The Slam Dunk Champ was wide open with the clock ticking down
No bigger fan than his father looking on in the crowd

The ball floated and spun straight through the net
GR3 gave the Pacers the lead with .6 seconds left
The Hawks missed their desperate shot at the end.
97-96. The Pacers. Win.

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