Two-Minute (Two-Ahh) Quick-Cap: Pacers vs. Hornets

37-58. If you had to guess which team put up 37 points in a half, would you choose the team on the second game of a back-to-back?  You would!?  You win the knowledge your favorite team would look a little flat. Jump shots slapped rims and defense was optional for this return trip to Albus Jefferson’s former banquet hall.  Along the way, though, the Pacers proved several maxims of basketball 101, all ending with you are surely losing:

  • If you have as many field goals as turnovers
  • If you allow a team to double your point total in the second quarter
  • If your star player storms off the court after the final shot of the half

The third quarter provided a nice salve for Pacers fans as the deficit became reasonable. 3s by CJ and PG, who finished with his second straight 30+ point performance, with some (finally) Teague baskets in between cut Charlotte’s lead to eight entering the fourth quarter.  Lineup alert: Brooks grabbed Stuckey’s minutes in the half, showing Nate’s growing penchant to roll the dice, hoping for sixes.

Brooks did fine, but team turnovers and a steady stream of long missed twos meant the Pacers were never able to threaten the Kemba Bobnets.  The Pacers shot only three free throws the entire game, including a massive zero in the second half. Nate kept most of the starters in through the final seconds, seemingly rubbing the team’s nose in a tough loss against a winnable opponent.  Pacers lose: 88-100.

“Teague” counter: 0

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