Two-Minute (Two-Ahh) Quick-Cap: Grizzlies maul Pacers

Before we walk through this game, you need to turn your head to the right and blow gently. Lance is back! Lance will make ’em dance. Lance should make you dance. If nothing else, an injured Stuckey is gone and some much needed energy will hopefully be injected into this team. Now to the game.

In the first quarter, Mike Conley and the Grizzlies went off. Conley missed one shot on his way to a 16 point quarter, and the Pacers could not answer. At one point, the Grizzlies led 30-10. PG made his way to the free throw line, which was nice, but it took Aaron Brooks—he is still on the team, I promise—hitting three 3s to keep the Pacers in the game.

In the second, Nate continued to roll with a bench lineup that, though it was worthless last night, was playing well on the road. CJ opened with a 3. Brooks hit his fourth of the game. Mike Conley didn’t care. I think just typing Mike Conley’s name might burn my fingers—he was that hot, hitting 6/7 from 3. The Pacers trailed by 19.

The second half would require at least two sustained runs by the Pacers to get back in the game. They got half of one, then Memphis called time to squash it and their lead jumped to 23. PG hit two 3s to end the quarter, cutting the lead to 17 and breathing a small breath of hope, but I know better.

The fourth quarter happened, probably. PG led the team with 22 points and exited around the five minute mark. Is Lance here yet?

Pacers lose. By a lot. They are now under .500 for the season and in the 8th seed, only one and a half games ahead of the Bulls.

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