Two-Minute (Two-Ahh) Quick-Cap: Raptors beat Pacers again behind DeRozan’s 40 points

The Pacers needed to find something. They needed to find their offense, their defense, their energy, and tonight, they fought in a way they did not fight in Memphis, but it all fell apart in the third quarter as the Pacers fell to the Raptors 111-100.

The first quarter had the Pacers playing with purpose. Teague was able to find his offense, and Toronto runs were matched. Halfway through the second, the Pacers had hit 5-9 from 3, and Lavoy Allen had pulled three offensive rebounds. When Lavoy plays like this—snagging offensive rebounds and screening well—he makes the trade that sent Granger to Philadelphia slightly more palatable (…nah, it still tastes bad). Toronto had their own second-chance luck that kept the game close, but the Pacers ended the half up two.

In the third, Toronto took the lead and things started to get away until a Myles Turner three. Derozan scored 16 in the quarter, once catching PG on a pump fake to head to the line (he caught most of the Pacers lineup with that move), but a Pacers run that included a capital D Dirty block by Turner put the Pacers ahead. But, by the end of the third, a Raptors run had the Pacers down 12.

That run was more like that scene in Jurassic Park where the jeep gets away from the T-Rex, except this time the T-Rex caught the Jeep, ate the tires, and somehow shot the body into a prehistoric tree-basket.

The fourth quarter had the Pacers bench stop the lead from ballooning, but things did not look great. Things more or less stayed that way, but the Pacers fought, I will give them that, but could not get stops. Derozan shot 20 free throws on his way to 40 points as they were fooled by his pump fake over and over again. Pacers lose their third straight and are just a half game ahead of the Bulls for the final playoff spot.

Is Lance here yet?

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