NBA Live 18 has the Pacers in uniforms that don’t exist. At least not yet.

During an EA Sports presentation of their edition to the mostly-maligned NBA Live series, the Pacers were shown at times in a uniform that does not exist. At least not yet.

UPDATE: Pacers radio voice Mark Boyle says he has seen the new uniforms and these are not them. So it looks like EA Sports just made an error on the Pacers uniforms in these clips. This does confirm that the Pacers will have new uniforms for this upcoming season.

Indiana Sports Coverage’s Grant Afseth was the first to notice the peculiar uniforms from the NBA Live video.

The Pacers have long been rumored to be getting new uniforms for next season when Nike takes over from Adidas, but the uniforms seen in the screenshots aren’t much of change from their current attire. If EA Sports accidentally leaked the new Nike uniforms, the Pacers seemed to have mostly opted to keep things the same.

One thing that goes against the theory that these are the leaked uniforms is that the Pacers 50th season patch is still on the jersey as seen in the above image of Paul George. If I had to guess, I’d say these won’t be the new uniforms but we’ll have to wait and see. Here’s the video with the Pacers odd jersey in action.

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