Paul George Trade Rumors Day 3

This story will be updated throughout the day with the latest Paul George news, most recent at the top:


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Rumor mill will surely keep churning until the deal happens.


Lakers tried to get the two Kings top-10 picks for the 2nd pick so they could send one to the Pacers, but Kings said no. This lines up with the report from earlier today that 2nd pick could be in play if a third team got involved.


Pacers and Lakers at a standstill on the Randle or Clarkson and 27 and 28 for George. It still seems likely Pacers find a deal before the draft.


Stein is now reporting that Lakers are trying to get George for two late first rounders and either Clarkson or Randle.


There will be no DeAngelo Russell for the Pacers in any deal as the Lakers get rid of the Mozgov contract by shipping them both to the Nets for Lopez and 27th pick.


Jimmy Butler has told the Bulls that he wants to remain with the team and doesn’t want to go to Cleveland, which may help the Pacers convince the Cavs to further pursue George.


This whole time the Lakers have said they aren’t getting rid of number 2 pick or Ingram, so this is a pleasant surprise for the Pacers, though it is unclear how a third team would help the teams reach a deal at this point.

The Lakers could want an early first round pick to replace their lost number 2 pick. Reports earlier said they were trying to acquire one. The Pacers may want another young prospect and may not want any Lakers that they are willing to give up.

Here is one interesting fan suggestion that may work.


Schultz is saying that George will be moved soon, which differs from reports earlier today.


The Pacers and the Lakers are officially talking deals. No word on details yet. Stein confirms that the Pacers have also talked with the Cavaliers, Clippers, Wizards and Rockets so far.


The Pacers reportedly tried to get the Warriors and the Cavaliers in a bidding war with each other, telling each team that the other was interested.

This story also says that several league executives expect this saga to last a long period of time and potentially drag out into the season, because many teams won’t be willing to offer more than a good player and a second-round pick. Deals that Pritchard would not be willing to take.


Here’s some hypothetical deals the Pacers could try to pursue for George.


In other Pacers news, it seems that Lavoy Allen is expecting his team option to be declined by the Pacers.

If you missed anything from the past couple of days, you can find it here.

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