Paul George Trade Rumors Day 4

This page will be updated throughout the day with the latest Paul George rumors with the most recent news at the top.

This article states the 27, 28 picks plus either Clarkson or Randle remains the Lakers offer, but Pacers have yet to accept. Teams remain at a standstill at this point.


The best offers are the suspected to be most likely suspects by league executives. The Celtics, Lakers, and Cavaliers all known to be making plays for George.


Even with the willing to wait talk from earlier today, it would be surprising if the Pacers dragged this out past draft night tomorrow.


This could be an opportunity for the  Cavaliers to see if Phoenix is interested in Kevin Love and make it a 3-team trade to get Paul George, or (less likely) the Suns may want Paul George.


Cavs still trying to get George, while Amico reports that Pacers are still hoping to get a deal done by draft night, which contradicts the reports that they’re willing to wait. 


Kravitz joins the Indy Star’s Nate Taylor in reporting that Pacers are willing to wait this out in hopes of better offers.


Here’s a bunch of possible deals the Pacers could try and pursue for George. More added with five new teams today.


Kevin Arnovitz says the Trailblazers have the best package to offer George, but this doesn’t mean that Portland has made an offer to this point. The Trailblazers have 3 first round picks at 15, 20, and 26 which are all better than the two Lakers picks on the table.


On The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski podcast, Woj gave a lot of information on the current trade of the trade market for Paul George.

Woj said the Pacers are not very enthusiastic about any of the Lakers young guys like Randle, Russell, or Clarkson, which explains at least one reason why the Pacers haven’t accepted the 27, 28 picks plus Randle or Clarkson for George at this point.

The Pacers believe they can get a better deal than what the Lakers are currently offering. Woj says there is a lot of action and a lot of teams trying to get involved in talks with the Pacers.

Pritchard has done a good job of building up a market from Sunday to now when other executives were telling Woj that the Pacers would only be able to get a mid-to-late first rounder and a decent expiring contract. “They’re going to get more than that,” said Wojnarowski.

Woj speculates that some teams think they’ll be able to flip him at the deadline after acquiring him and that many mid-to-large market teams will be interested.

Woj states that the Pacers aren’t looking to “do right” by George or do any favors for the Lakers, but they are going to take the best possible deal available for them.


In non-Paul George news, Lance Stephenson announced that he will be wearing his number 1 once again next season.

Nate Taylor reports that a trade isn’t imminent currently, but that the Pacers expect the offers to improve tomorrow on the day of the draft.

One of Taylor’s sources said that George’s value will only decline if the Pacers don’t find a deal during draft night. He says the Pacers, however, do not feel rushed to make a deal and could wait until training camp. Among the teams that Kevin Pritchard is talking to include the Cavaliers, the Rockets, and the Lakers according to Taylor.

The Lakers offer of the 27th and 28th picks in the first round plus either Julius Randle or Jordan Clarkson would have to improve greatly to be acceptable for the Pacers according to Taylor.


If you missed anything from yesterday, here’s everything that went down.

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