CYOA – 3.1.3 Raptors & Myles

Myles Turner goes over the border?

Before you can call the Raptors, you are surprised to get a call from them.

“Masai, I was just about to call you,” you say.

“Kevin, weird coincidence. That’s enough small talk.” Ujiri responds. “We’re free falling. I’m getting a lot of trades on all of our players but I wanted to call and ask about someone before I throw in the towel on this group. We’re not giving up a lot but Myles Turner could solve some things for us.”

“Well I was going to ask for OG straight up.”

“… Do you want me to hang up the phone? Everybody wants OG. We can have that conversation if you want but it’s going to take way more than Myles Turner.”

“Fair enough. How about Thad Young, Otto Porter, and a 2024 First that’s protected top-12?”

“Alright, but if the pick doesn’t convey in the first two years, it reverts to two future seconds.”

Accept and look to trade Buddy Hield

Accept and look to trade no one else

Decline and back out

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