CYOA – Endgame – Yikes


In the airport preparing to board his flight to his new team, Myles Turner walks past a bathroom at the airport that has a trash can spilling out into the hallway.

Shaking his head, he bends down to pick up the can when someone reaches out with their arm.

“Help me!” the person covered in scratches and blood says in a weak voice.

“What the hell?!” Myles gasps.

“Some … thing … in … the bathroom. Don’t … go… i–” 

The life leaves the eyes of the victim as their head slumps to the floor. Myles slowly walks further inside the bathroom following a trail of blood where he hears water running and low rumbles that sound animalistic.

As he peaks around the corner, he sees a man in a suit crouched in the corner over a puddle of blood. 

“Hey, you okay? What happened here?” Myles naively asks the crouching man.

As the man starts to turn his head, Myles recognizes him. It’s … you … but your face and mouth are covered in blood and your skin has started to rot.

“KP! What the &%^$!” Myles screams as you rush towards him and tackle the 7-footer to the ground biting his neck.

You really shouldn’t have eaten that gas station hot dog the day before. The world descends into chaos from here. The NBA is no more. All thanks to you.

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