CYOA – No deal for Myles 1.3 Raptors

You sent Myles Turner off to Canada for an old friend.

The Raptors keep their litany of wings in this scenario and try to turn their season around as Turner fills a hole for them at center–while not giving up too much in case the team doesn’t gel or Turner doesn’t want to stay in Canada after this season. The Raptors pick is top-12 protected from 2024 through 2026. The Pacers reunite with Thad Young, and Otto Porter is included here just to make the math work on the deal. He’s out for the remainder of this season and he has a player option for next year that he could decline if he had no interest in playing in Indiana. Young will help some on the defensive end but the team will still miss Turner’s presence greatly at the rim. Goga Bitadze is sent to the Spurs for a 2nd-round pick to keep the roster at 15 players. How will this team finish the season? Click a link to find out.






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