Pacers Press Conference Translator: Breaking down what to believe and what’s P.R. speak

“From 10% to 90%”

Did owner Herb Simon take it from a 10% to 90% chance of picking up Brogdon?

From 1070 the fan:

“I really believe when Herb talked to the owner of Milwaukee (Marc Lasry, co-owner of the Bucks) and they had a very open and honest discussion, both of them said ‘Let’s make this deal,’” Pritchard explained on Monday. “At the time, it went from 10 percent to 90 percent on that call.

“That’s something that I had never seen before in my life, but you can see how Herb has been so successful. He wants win-win deals. He was all about how to make this a win-win deal, something that Milwaukee can come away feeling good about, when they looked to their future, with the 1st round pick and two second (round selections).”

It’s tough to know for sure. The Bucks obviously weren’t going to let Brogdon walk away easily, as they would have considered matching any deal the Pacers offered in restricted free agency.

However, keeping Eric Bledsoe, Kris Middleton, and Brook Lopez was already going to cost the Bucks just under $60 million. Thanks to Bird Rights, there was a way to keep them and Brogdon or a combination of them, but it would require going into the luxury tax.

But with Simon stepping in and offering the lottery-protected picks, I’m sure it did make it easier for the Bucks to look at the cap situation they were in and worry about keeping those other players while letting an injury-prone Brogdon go.

Herb Simon was never a big fan of restricted free agency, so maybe it was just a matter of personal principles when he stepped in to make it a trade, not a signing.

But Milwaukee wasn’t going to keep all of their pending free agents without some headache, but letting one of them go for some picks had to make it an easier call for everyone involved.

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