Pacers Press Conference Translator: Breaking down what to believe and what’s P.R. speak

“We weren’t expecting that one” — Kevin Pritchard on T.J. Warren

“We weren’t expecting that one,” Kevin Pritchard told Mark Montieth of of the Warren trade. “But when it came, we made the decision in five minutes. We knew it was the right thing.”

Kevin Pritchard was likely surprised, but this is the Phoenix Suns we are talking about.

The Suns are the same team that was guard-rich not too long ago and then perhaps saved the Pacers from themselves by signing the Spanish sensation Ricky Rubio to a 3-year, $51 million deal.  Rubio is a great option, but it’s hard not to look at who played in Phoenix recently and wonder if the Suns could have solved their problem in-house.

Phoenix is getting beat down this offseason for their moves, and Warren is part of the reason why. Indiana gave up little in terms of assets while addressing a need — especially if they knew Bojan Bogdanovic and Thaddeus Young were leaving.

The Suns have problems that start from the top, and another year where goat jokes were a bigger success than their team aren’t surprising.

Up next: Can the Pacers three centers really co-exist?

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