CYOA – 1.0 Re-sign Myles

Agreeing to terms with Myles Turner

You quickly write back to Myles Turner the following email:


Bet. This offer is fair and we’re excited to have you in Indiana in this next stage of your career. Looking forward to bigger and better things for this group and we see you as a huge part of our next phase as an organization.

Go Pacers!


You’ve now completed your highest priority with wanting to keep this group together by giving them the full opportunity to see what the team can accomplish once it’s healthy. Outside of a few minor roster moves around the edges of the roster that don’t affect the rotation of the team this season, the team stays intact. There’s still many ways the rest of the season could go. Will the team stay healthy? Will they be able to right the ship enough to make it into the playoffs? Luck is always a factor, however, nothing is a sure thing. Choose one of the following links to see the new timeline you created by keeping the team together at the deadline. (If you’d rather pivot and look at the trade market click here).






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