CYOA – No deal with Myles 1.2 Mavericks

Myles Turner is going home to Texas.

It’s not the most impressive offer but you gain an interesting player in Josh Green who has shown some flashes and a future first-round pick. Bertans is the painful part of the deal as he’s still got two years remaining on his contract after this season, but the final year only has $6 million guaranteed. You do a solid for Myles Turner, sending him to a team that both needs a defensive presence inside and it’s his hometown team. If Turner had his choice like Brogdon did with the Celtics trade, this is probably the move he’d choose. To get your roster at 15 players, you trade away Goga Bitadze to the Spurs for a future second-round pick. Your defense will suffer this season without Myles Turner. How will that affect your playoff chances? Choose a link and find out.






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